The Africa-Asia Centre for Sustainability is established on a commitment to undertaking inter and trans-disciplinary research in which expertise across disciplines will be integrated together in order to forge new understanding and new ways of addressing critical sustainability and global grand challenges within the context of the African and Asian regions. The overriding aim of the centre is to help address grand sustainability challenges across the global south.


To become one of the leading global research hubs on Africa and Asia sustainable and developmental issues that generates impacts that cater for the needs of Policy, Industry and Academia to address Sustainable Development Goals.

Goals and objectives
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders and institutions (non-academic and academic) that advocate for delivering solutions that address Grand Sustainability Challenges in Africa and Asia.
  • Setting and addressing key research questions delivered through international excellent and world leading research publications.
  • Strengthen the University’s research and innovation culture and environment through the award of externally sourced research grants and income.
  • Translate research into practice and impact through the delivery of collaborative projects with the Triple Helix stakeholders (academia, industry and governmental institutions).
  • Improve the research environment of Business School and other schools in the university by recruiting postdoctoral researchers and research fellows on funded projects.
  • Hold national and international conferences.