Entrepreneurship & International Business Advisory Board

Entrepreneurship & International Business Advisory Board

Established in 2022 to further enhance the brand of the University of Aberdeen Business School (UOABS), we need to ensure our research to address grand societal challenges and our teaching programmes to address the current needs of business so the Business School continues to attract students, staff, businesses, and alumni in parallel with the longer-term academic, research and strategic objectives of the wider institution.

The main purpose of the Entrepreneurship & International Business Advisory Board is to promote entrepreneurialism and provide qualified support and advise to shape the school’s strategic goals of enhancing students’ employment prospects, collaborating with external businesses, and assisting the Business School in being ‘future focussed’ with research and course offerings in alignment with industry trends and needs, while supporting the regional economic, social and cultural recovery.

Key Objectives:

  • Support the school’s stated aims, values, and objectives
  • Engage with stakeholders- School / Industry / Community
  • Monitor / assess stakeholders’ needs, industry trends, and skills required for the 21st century
  • Challenge status quo / identify opportunities to create and add value
  • Participate in / demonstrate best practices in all aspects of the student experience
  • Assist in shaping the future strategic direction of the school
  • Promote the business school and staff

Board Members

  • Professor Stanley Morrice, Chair of Entrepreneurship & International Business Advisory Board
  • Professor Andrew Walker, CEO Johnston Carmichael
  • Professor Rhodella Hutchison, HR Director & Pension Trustee Baker Hughes (UK and Norway)
  • Professor Colin McLean, CEO CJ Lang & Son Ltd
  • Professor Deborah O’Neil OBE, CEO Novabiotics Ltd
  • Professor Caroline Hiscox Chief Executive NHS Grampian