Dr Laura Kruitbos

Dr Laura Kruitbos
Dr Laura Kruitbos
Dr Laura Kruitbos

Operations Manager

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Telephone Number
+44 (0)1224 273282
Office Address
Office 903 MacRobert Building
Old Aberdeen Campus
581 King Street
AB24 5UA

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Business School


I have worked for the University of Aberdeen since 2009 in various research and admin roles following my PhD in Environmental Science, including within the School of Biological Sciences, Geosciences and Medical School.  I joined the Business School in 2019 as School Administration Coordinator and moved to my current role as Operations Manager in May 2023.  My role involves operational oversight, leading and ensuring effective day-to-day administrative operations, planning and helping to manage facilities, contracts and finances for the School. 


  • ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management 
    2018 - University of Aberdeen 
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® 
    2012 - Project Management Institute 
  • PhD Environmental Science 
    2009 - University of Aberdeen 
  • BSc (Hons) Biology 
    2005 - University of Aberdeen 

Memberships and Affiliations

Internal Memberships

Mental Health First Aider

Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Workstation Assessor

Information Champion Representative (Data Protection and Information Security) for the Business School 

External Memberships

South East Asia Rainforest Research Partnership (SEARRP)

Institute for Leadership and Management (ILM)


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