Parents and Carers Network

Parents and Carers Network

Parents, parents-to-be and carers who work or study at the University are invited to join the University of Aberdeen Parents and Carers Network.

The group is open to ALL staff and students with caring responsibilities and was set up as a way to connect with others to share experiences, ideas and provide support in the University community.  

Our online chats and meetings via Facebook and Teams (Parents and Carers Network) provide a supportive setting where members can share parenting stories, doubts and tips, and discuss any topics, from the impact of Covid for us to going part-time, self-care, returning to studies after maternity or paternity leave, life/work boundaries, you name it. One-to-one mentoring around parenting issues is also on offer. 

Members can also browse the resources, files and links uploaded in this group which provide information to help navigate the challenges around parenting while working or studying at the University. 

The network is  also one of the University’s Equality Networks, and as such reports to EDIC (the Equality, Diversity and Inclusivity Committee) and feed back our views on policy.   

For more information find us on Facebook or look for ‘Parents and Carers Network’ on Teams.