Postgraduate Taught Programmes consist of stages, with each stage usually worth 60 credits. To progress from one stage to another, students normally need to pass all assessments at that stage.

Full details on requirements for progression through a postgraduate taught programme are detailed in the Code of Practice on Assessment.

A student's eligibility for progression is based on the student also having satisfied the attendance monitoring requirements.

In order to achieve either a Certificate, Diploma, or Masters, students need the following:

  • Postgraduate Certificate: 60 credits with normally marks at D3 or better
  • Postgraduate Diploma: 120 credits with normally marks at D3 or better
  • Master’s Degree: 180 credits with normally marks at D3 or better

Guidelines for dealing with unsatisfactory progress

Academic progress is examined at the end of each stage of the programme. If a student has not met the criteria for progression, the School will inform the student in writing.

If the student does not achieve the award they are registered for (eg Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma), and if they are qualified for a lower award, they can be awarded a Postgraduate Diploma or Postgraduate Certificate.

More detailed information and guidance on student progress is available in the Postgraduate Taught Code of Practice.