Support for scholars displaced by war in Ukraine

Support for scholars displaced by war in Ukraine

Dear colleagues

A small University group has come together to discuss the possibility of providing sponsorship of scholars and their families, displaced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, with priority given to Ukrainian passport holders.

Earlier this month we expressed our solidarity with Ukraine and now we are looking at how we can offer practical support to individuals that we have begun to identify through our networks who would benefit from the support that the University is able to offer. We have initiated the process of registering the University under the Homes for Ukraine Scheme and are also exploring the Scottish Government’s refugee sponsorship scheme.

The guidance for family members of British nationals, UK settled persons and others to come to or stay in the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme can be found here.

We are also looking at our own accommodation options to see what might be available for refugees.
Currently our stock of vacant housing is limited and consequently, we are keen to hear from anyone in our community who may be willing to host refugees. Anyone who does want to offer a room in their home should register themselves at this link.

We will offer honorary status to scholars and are investigating whether guest scholarships or fellowships could be an option we can offer. We are also planning to take forward applications to external fellowship and scholarship schemes.

We would like to hear from anyone who is aware of displaced Ukrainian refugees who might benefit from our support. If you can help, please get in touch with Heather Crabb on If anyone already has direct experience with the Homes for Ukraine scheme we would also encourage you to share your experience.

You may also be getting queries from students who would like to transfer their studies to our University and these queries should be directed to

In addition, we are liaising with Aberdeen City Council over our proposals and have offered our support and that of our students to their own integration plans for the potential arrival of Ukrainians to the area, and may be able to advise individuals that we are not able to accommodate ourselves to enable them to access accommodation from the City Council.

We will keep you updated on our plans as they progress and if you have any other suggestions for what we can do to help please do get in touch.

Best wishes


Karl Leydecker
Senior Vice-Principal