Tackling head injuries in sport - best practice to be discussed at University event

Tackling head injuries in sport - best practice to be discussed at University event

Practice for dealing with sports-related head injuries will be discussed in Aberdeen today (Tuesday March 25).

The event comes as awareness campaigns and new procedures urge those playing and organising sports to be vigilant in incidents of suspected concussion.

GPs, nurses, junior doctors and medical practitioners from across Scotland will gather for the one-day course hosted by the University of Aberdeen.

The role of exercise in promoting health will also be investigated at the event which takes place at the Aberdeen Sports Village.

Dr Alison Jenkinson from the University of Aberdeen’s Institute of Medical Sciences said: “The aim of the day is to bring together professionals from across the medical profession to look at two key topics.

“The first part of the day will focus on best practice for diagnosing and treating concussive head injuries, with academics and practitioners hosting talks and practical sessions discussing subjects such as tools for diagnosis and advice for returning to play following concussive head injury.

“The role exercise plays in good health and how it can be integrated during the prescription process will be examined in the second part of the day, with speakers analysing topics including the evidence for and against exercise in promoting health and how best to motivate patients to undertake it.”

The course is one of a number offered through the University of Aberdeen’s Continued Professional Development Services. For more information visit: www.abdn.ac.uk/business-info/training/cpd/ .