Interdisciplinary Directors and Fellows

Interdisciplinary Directors and Fellows

Our research is where great minds work together. It is challenge-led and impactful, and often requires an interdisciplinary approach to address the great research challenges of our age: energy transition, social inclusion and cultural diversity, data and artificial intelligence, environment and biodiversity, and health, nutrition and wellbeing. By working across boundaries and sharing ideas and approaches, we have the expertise to face these challenges for the benefit of our region and wider society.

These interdisciplinary challenges represent research areas of historic and emerging excellence that are capable of supporting a diverse research portfolio and delivering globally excellent and measurable benefits to society, the economy and health. Additionally, these challenges reflect the work we do in supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in partnership with a range of stakeholders.

Interdisciplinary Directors

Our Interdisciplinary Directors are recognised global leaders in their fields, who have been appointed to catalyse new research and education initiatives related to five global interdisciplinary challenges. Working with colleagues across the University and drawing on both theoretical and applied knowledge, they facilitate academics to work across disciplinary boundaries and with external partners to provide solutions to complex problems.

Interdisciplinary Fellows

The University has appointed Interdisciplinary Fellows to drive forward our ambition to tackle some of the most pressing issues facing society by working collaboratively across scientific boundaries in support of our five Interdisciplinary challenge areas - urgent and wide-ranging problems requiring complex solutions that draw on both theoretical and applied knowledge and which speak directly to our region, our society and our century.