Age: Does it matter?

Age: Does it matter?

The impact of lifestyle choices on how we age will be discussed by one of the University of Aberdeen's newest faces at a key talk taking place tonight (March 5).

Professor Phyo Myint, who specialises in old age medicine, is the latest academic to give a talk at the University’s Inspirational Inaugurals series – public lectures being delivered by research leaders who have recently joined the University.

Also a clinician at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary, Professor Myint’s talk is free, open to all and takes place at 6pm at the city’s Suttie Centre on the Foresterhill health campus.

Professor Myint, Chair in Old Age Medicine, explained: “I’ll be discussing how lifestyle behaviour such as physical activity levels, poor nutrition and smoking and drinking, can affect the ageing process.

“These lifestyle factors are associated with the development of chronic diseases which, in turn, are also linked with physical and mental frailty and could be tackled at an individual level throughout life.

“I’ll be discussing how older chronological age is associated with outcome and whether there could be a link between age and the receipt of intensive interventions in health care

“I’ll also look at what needs to be done with regards to research into ageing. Nowadays we are seeing people in their 80s and 90s who are living with medical conditions that may have claimed the lives of previous generations.

“We want to get to the stage where we are able to tell which older person with health problems are most at risk and which will benefit from health interventions. Not everyone ages in the same way and not one treatment fits all.”

The Inspirational Inaugurals series is the latest in a range of University of Aberdeen talks aimed at engaging the public with research. For more information see: