Chemist wins GW Gray Medal

Chemist wins GW Gray Medal

Professor Corrie Imrie of the Department of Chemistry has been awarded the prestigious G.W. Gray Medal of the British Liquid Crystal Society.

The silver medal is awarded for seminal research contributions of international quality in the field of liquid crystal science and technology and was first awarded in 1996, following the award of the Kyoto Prize for Advanced Technology to Professor George Gray.

Professor Gray discovered the compound that allowed for the development and commercialisation of liquid crystal displays, and this molecule is featured on the medal.

Amongst his many honours and distinctions was an honorary degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Professor Imrie received the Medal at the recent annual meeting of the Society held at the University of Leeds at which he delivered a plenary lecture describing his work on liquid crystal dimers.

In accepting the award, he commented:  “I am absolutely delighted to receive the Gray Medal, and tremendously grateful to the Awards Committee of the Society for considering me.”