Dissertation Posters 2014

Economic/Investment Analysis
Shale Gas Investment in Ukraine Deterministic and Monte Carlo Simulation Analysis of the Risks and Returns Markos Christodoulides
The Economics of Exploration in the UKCS A Case Study of Central North Sea and West of Shetland*

Ignacio Fernandez Reyna

Mozambique’s Extractive Industry: Possibility of a Resource Curse*

Ernesto Gouveia Gove Junior

A Comparative Study of Investment Attractiveness in Deepwater Offshore West Africa: An Index Approach to Evaluating Fiscal Regimes Ebenezer Koranteng Harmah
The Impact of Ownership Unbundling on the Efficiency of European Gas Transmission Systems* Ekpedeme Inyang
The Potential of FLNG Option: Real Options and Discounted Cash Flow Analysis on the Prelude FLNG Case Maria Kartsakli
Will Removing Pipelines from the ‘Ring Fence’ Increase Investment in the UKCS? Michael Logue
Optimising the Exploration Potential Offshore Sierra Leone Paul Kabba Mansaray
The Economics of a Small Oil Prospect in the East of Shetland Basin, UKCS* Rosina Ama Abrafi Nkansah
An Economic Study of the Profitability of a Gas-fired Power Plant in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria Patricia Obi
Towards Economic Efficiency in Cross-Border Capacity Allocation in EU Gas Markets. Market Coupling and Implicit Allocation Bram Onck
Electricity Demand Forecasting Towards Future Energy Security in Electricity Supply: Indonesia Study Case Puri Purwantini
Economic Analysis of Duvernay Shale Gas Play* Qian Shan
Strategic Investment and Asset Optimisation in the LNG Shipping Industry:A framework for the real options analysis of vessel chartering arrangements under stochastic freight rates Douglas Thomson
An Economic Appraisal of the Clair Ridge Project Using the Discounted Cash Flows Analysis and Real Options Savvas Vasilios
Contracts Between Oil Operators and Service Companies: An Economic Analysis Zinnur Zakirov
Decommissioning Issues
Decommissioning, Asset Trading and the Future of the UKCS:
A Case for Improved Financial Security Mechanisms
Julien Mathonnière
Decommissioning Contracts for Wells and Removals Anna Sutherland
Evaluating the effect of different decommissioning fiscal schemes on decommissioning cost: a case study of Ghana Esther Osei - Nkansah
Decommissioning Relief Deeds and their Impact on the UK Oil and Gas Industry Arleta Osmann
Maximising the future of the UKCS: Analysis of Financial Liability for Decommissioning in the UKCS and an examination of future actions*

Fraser Wilson

Fiscal Policy Effects
An Economic Analysis of Namibia ‘s Petroleum Fiscal System Jonas Amukende
Analysing Mexico’s Proposed Petroleum Fiscal Regime Effectiveness as a Rent Capture Mechanism with the New Energy Reform Ana Elizabeth Briones P.
Government-take on natural gas fields. the case of Tanzania Ahmed Dau
A Study of the Scope to use Tax-based Incentives to Promote the Development of Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK*

Perry Kamau

Will Removing Pipelines from the ‘Ring Fence’ Increase Investment in the UKCS?* Michael Logue
Potential Government Take from Oil Revenues and Likely Impact on Budget Deficit Financing: A case of Uganda Anthony Okello
An Appraisal of a Production Efficiency Tariff for oil Fields in the UK Continental Shelf Robert Steele
A Comparative Analysis of Tax Incentives for the Development of Marginal Fields: A Case Study of the UKCS vs NCS*

Meabh Stranney

Comparative Analyses of Australia’s Petroleum Resource Rent Tax (PRRT) and the Resource Super Profits Tax (RSPT) Emre Ü┼čenmez
Evaluating Greece’s Current Fiscal Regime and Introducing Alternatives to Maximise Governmental Revenues Liveris Vouropoulos
Renewable Resources
Economics of Rice Husk Fuelled Cogeneration Power System for a Rural Cluster of Rice Mills in Nigeria Agwu, George Abuchi
Assessment of Economic Viability of Feed-in Tariff with Support of Get Fit Premium Payment. A case of a 10mw grid connected solar PV system in Uganda Olivia Kobusheshe
A Feasibility Analysis of Inventory Policies for Onshore Wind Turbines Ian Andrew Nutt
Farm Household Renewable Energy: An Enquiry into Widespread Adoption in Sub-Saharan Africa (A Ugandan Case Study) Abimbola Oni
Accessibility to the Renewable Energy Sources in the Baltic States Giedre Strazdaite
Analysing the Potential Benefits from a Wind-PV Hybrid Renewable Energy System at Hartwood Farm Despina Yiakoumi

* This dissertation conducted in a form of an Internship. As such confidentiality issues may arise. If you need to access this file please contact the author.