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14 September 2017

Professor Wendy Rogers visits HSRU

Professor Wendy Rogers

We are delighted to welcome Professor Wendy Rogers back to the Unit for a 5 day visit. Wendy is Professor of Clinical Ethics at Macquarie University, Australia.

We have collaborated with Wendy on a number of topics in recent years, including ethical aspects of surgical trials, patient involvement in research, and overdiagnosis. This visit is part of Wendy’s current Australian Research Council Future Fellowship. One main aim of the visit is the development of a paper (with Professor Vikki Entwistle) examining ethical justifications for risk-shifting in the context of efforts to reduce the adverse effects of screening programmes. Wendy is also discussing plans for further work on vulnerability in health and social care contexts.

You can read more about Professor Wendy Rogers here:



Author: Vikki Entwistle


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