We offer a varied range of opportunties including job opportunities, opportunties for further study and research and opportunities for patients and the public.  Please click on the boxes below for more information.

Job Opportunities

We currently have a vacancy for Information Officer

We are looking to recruit an Information Specialist to provide information services in support of the research undertaken at HSRU.  The post-holder will primarily work within the evidence synthesis team, a multidisciplinary group that includes systematic reviewers, health economists and statisticians. This team is engaged in undertaking high quality systematic reviews and economic evaluations of health technologies.  The main duties for the post-holder will be to design and undertake extensive literature searches in multiple bibliographic databases and other data sources, provide reference management for the team throughout the duration of each research project and document the search process. 

We currently have vacancies for Trial Manager/Assistant Trial Manager

A number of Trial Managers/Assistant Trial Managers are required by the Centre for Healthcare Randomised Trials (CHaRT -www.abdn.ac.uk/hsru/chart), a UKCRC fully registered academic trials unit (www.ukcrc-ctu.org.uk) at the Health Services Research Unit (HSRU), University of Aberdeen. You will support other Trial Managers working on trials within the CHaRT portfolio.


HSRU contributes teaching to the:

We offer a number of student projects each year to students on the MSc and Intercalated BMEdSci courses.


Staff in HSRU are fully supported in undertaking a PhD.  They are also encouraged to provide supervisory support for full or part-time PhD students. 


Recently Completed 

Short Courses

Experts from our Clinical Trials Unit (CHaRT) and HSRU deliver a 12 week short course on Designing Real World Trials. 


This course takes you through the process of designing a randomised controlled trial (RCT). The course will focus on trials in the evaluation of real-world healthcare and public health settings.  The course aims to develop your knowledge and awareness of how to design a fair test, the appropriate use of trials and alternative trial designs, involving patients and the public, the logistics and practicalities of designing real-world trials and the role of clinical trials units.

To find out more visit the course page or contact Dr Kirsty McCormack

Research Fellowships


HSRU actively mentors NHS Research Scotland (NRS) fellowships.  Recent NRS Clinical Fellows were:



HSRU actively encourages the development of staff through seeking prestigious research fellowships. Several funded research fellowships are supported including for example topics on the surgical trial methodology and methodological investigation of decision support for trial participation

Student Internships

We offer summer student work placements to current University of Aberdeen students wishing to improve their knowledge and experience in a research-focused environment.

In 2017 we welcomed five student interns to work with us over the summer months on a variety of projects. 

This year we had 6 student interns; 2 working on projects with the CHaRT programming team and 4 working on Health Services Research projects.

Placements for next year will be advertised around Spring 2019

Opportunities for patients and the public

There are lots of opportunities for patients and the public to be involved with our research.

You can find out more here

You can also contact our Patient and Public Involvement Co-ordinator Katie Banister