Student Internships

Student Internships

We offer summer student work placements to current University of Aberdeen students wishing to improve their knowledge and experience in a research-focused environment.  Last summer we welcomed 8 interns.  

2023 projects:  

  1. HSRU PPIE gap analysis
  2. Trial Forge EDI updates
  3. Remote and rural doctors
  4. Carbon footprint of clinical treatments and its role in patient’s decision making
  5. Designing greener trials: what ‘carbon relevant’ factors influence patients’ decision making?
  6. Planned mode of birth
  7. Interventions for fibromyalgia
  8. Compensatory behaviour

In 2024 the Programming team will be welcoming 2 student interns.

Read about 2023 student intern Christine Manneh's experience in HSRU - Power of Patient Advocacy: My 2023 Summer Internship at HSRU and Emilia Piltonen's experience in My 2023 Summer Internship at HSRU.