Do I need to review my course design?

You should regularly try to review your course design to ensure your course is up to date and inclusive, whilst building resilience and sustainability for the future, this includes reviewing your content, activities and assessments, whilst keeping in mind the Principles for the Delivery of Education. We recommend you start by reviewing your learning outcomes, to ensure your students will be able to achieve them no matter if they are studying online, hybrid or on campus, followed by taking a storyboard approach to structuring your course and planning your activities and assessments.

A useful resource is our examples and inspiration pages, which focus on teaching presence and structuring blended learning environment.

Learning Outcomes

Writing Learning Outcomes

You may find the following helpful if you need to revisit or refresh your Learning Outcomes

Other useful Learning Outcome resources


Storyboarding Your Course

Organise your teaching and learning material using a Storyboard, so that the material flows and there is some organised structure, which your students can recognise.

Constructive Alignment

Constructive Alignment

When designing your course, remember to think about constructive alignment, so do your learning outcomes align with your teaching and learning materials/activities and the assessment.

Content Development

Content Development

There is lots of good advice on the internet about good course design and ideas for content creation, below are some suggestions:

  • Course Design Guidelines, which includes making your material accessible and inclusive
  • Create own materials, using applications such as Microsoft 365 with Word and PowerPoint
  • Consider curating external materials, instead of your own, such as Open Education Resources (OERs) or links to videos.
  • Record materials using Panopto
  • Encourage student generated content

Refer to the Deliver and Engage elements for further suggestions

Reading Lists

Remember to provide reading lists for your students, making effective use of Leganto Reading lists, which are integrated in to MyAberdeen course areas and provide seamless access to digital content held within our Library collections, allowing for a smoother and better student experience.

Other resources and tools: