Lecture Capture

Record a lecture for your students, using Panopto

The University of Aberdeen provides Panopto digital capture software which can be used to record lectures in a Panopto enabled lecture theatre or classroom, or to record digital content and presentations at your desk.

The Panopto software captures the computer screen along with audio (e.g. your voice) and video.

How does Panopto work?

  • Panopto can record everything on your computer screen, along with your voice, on any Panopto enabled PC.
  • It can record video if there is a camera attached to the set up.
  • The resulting recordings are published to your personal folder on the Panopto server.
  • You will receive an email confirmation containing hyperlinks.
    Use these links to view, edit or share the video file on any web page or in the MyAberdeen VLE.

For further information about creating captions for your videos please use the Links section below for specific advice related to Panopto, or use our general Accessibility  resource.

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