Digital Capture - Panopto

Digital Capture - Panopto

The University of Aberdeen provides Panopto digital capture software which can be used to record lectures in a Panopto enabled lecture theatre or classroom, or to record digital content and presentations at your desk.

The Panopto software captures the computer screen along with audio (e.g. your voice) and video.

How does Panopto work?

  • Panopto can record everything on your computer screen, along with your voice, on any Panopto enabled PC.
  • It can record video if there is a camera attached to the set up.
  • The resulting recordings are published to your personal folder on the Panopto server.
  • You will receive an email confirmation containing hyperlinks.
    Use these links to view, edit or share the video file on any web page or in the MyAberdeen VLE.

How do I get started?

Support material is available on Toolkit:

Content Retention

To ensure that the University stays within the storage allowance on Panopto, the following retention rules are in place:

  • From January 2024, content older than 3 years will be archived, if not viewed in the last 13 months (archived content is still available to playback with 2-days’ notice).
  • From August 2024, content older than 6 years will be permanently deleted, if not viewed in the last four years.

Data Protection

Digital lecture recordings are kept for two years as per the University’s Lecture Recording Policy.
If you have questions or concerns about the purpose or retention of the recording, please contact either the Data Protection Officer or the Information Governance Officer at or view the privacy policy for general guidance.