How do I navigate the Toolkit?

If you know what you need, we suggest using the Search box – enter a keyword to search the full Toolkit catalogue. If you are browsing, we would recommend our Collections tab – collections of useful resources for specific groups such as Undergraduate or International.

How do I know that the information in Toolkit is correct?

Toolkit is run by a small team in the University of Aberdeen, but we work closely with IT experts, technology specialists and lecturing staff to ensure that the information in Toolkit is correct and at the cutting edge of learning.

How do I know that the content is up to date?

We update the Toolkit on a monthly basis, and we’re in constant communication with colleagues across the University to ensure everything is reviewed regularly. The ‘last updated’ feature on resource pages means you’ll always know when the information was published.

Who chooses app recommendations and tests them out?

We all do! Apps, tools, websites and services are used and recommended by staff and students at the University. We have a small core team that tests out the recommendations so that we can be sure we are bringing you the best selection.

What if I still need help?

Simply click on the blue Chat icon at the bottom of each page to be connected to an IT expert. You can also reach them through myit.abdn.ac.uk