Date of Establishment - June 2020

Chair and Administrative Support Area

  • Chair: Senior Vice-Principal
  • Clerk: Senior Vice-Principal’s Office

Committee Governance

The following points should be noted:

  • The Committee will report directly to the Policy and Resources Committee.
  • The Committee is expected to normally meet once per quarter.
  • The Committee will have the discretion to create sub-groups, as and when appropriate.
  • Paperwork for each meeting will be co-ordinated in advance and circulated by the Clerk, normally at least five working days prior to each meeting.
Purpose and Remit


The Sustainability Steering Group co-ordinates the development, implementation and review of the activities which underpin our commitment to sustainability as outlined in the Aberdeen2040 strategic plan.


  • Oversee the development and implementation of an institutional Action Plan that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and enables us to fulfil our commitment to sustainability as outlined in the Aberdeen 2040 strategic plan:
    • Encourage everyone within our community to work and live sustainably, recognising the importance of our time, energy and resilience;
    • Educate all our students and staff to be leaders in protecting the environment;
    • Excel in research that addresses the climate emergency, enables energy transition and the preservation of biodiversity; and
    • Achieve net zero carbon emissions before 2040.
  • Monitor and evaluate progress against the Action Plan and associated KPIs, making supportive and constructive recommendations to enhance effectiveness and implement remedial actions as required;
  • Establish and support workstreams as appropriate to fulfil the institutional commitment to sustainability, monitoring their progress and providing oversight, guidance and support as required;
  • Scan the external horizon to ensure the University (i) continues to meet legislative/regulatory compliance requirements and (ii) considers current best practice guidelines in relation to sustainability;
  • Ensure effective communication with the University community and external stakeholders to enhance understanding of, and engagement with, the sustainability agenda and the achievement of the aims outlined within the institutional Action Plan.
Composition and Membership

Chair - Karl Leydecker

Vice-Principals (VP)

  • VP Student Recruitment - Alan Speight
  • VP Research -  Marion Campbell
  • VP International Partnerships -  Richard Wells
  • VP Education - Ruth Taylor


  • Acting Director of Operations & Director of People - Debbie Dyker
  • Estates and Facilties - Angus Donaldson
  • Finance - David Beattie
  • Planning - Hulda Sveinsdottir
  • Research and Innovation - Liz Rattray
  • Acting Director of Centre for Energy Transition - Tavis Potts
  • Academic Lead for environment and Biodiversity Interdisciplinary Challenge - To be appointed
  • Co-opted Member - Adam Price
  • 2x Elected Senators
    • Yukie Tanino
    • Neil Vargesson
  • Policy Adviser (Sustainability) - Fraser Lovie
  • Energy Manager - Jane Boyle
  • Head of Procurement - Helane Gannicliffe
  • Qatar Campus Representative - Tatiana Gladkikh
  • 3 x AUSA Representatives 
    • Cecilia Wallback
    • Radeen Moncrieffe
    • Stefan Jindra
  • Clerk - Heather Crabb

If additional information or consultation is required on any aspect of business under consideration, the Group will co-opt individuals (internal and/or external to the University) as advisory members. It is anticipated that colleagues involved in key operational areas e.g. energy, transport and waste management will contribute to the Group’s discussions on a regular basis.

Agenda and Minutes