There will be a meeting of the POSTGRADUATE RESEARCH COMMITTEE on THURSDAY 15 November September 2018 at 14:00 in A03 Crombie House.

                                                                                                                                                           Dr Lucy Leiper
                                                                                Postgraduate Research School, Research and Innovation
                                                                                                                                                  Tel: (01224)274580




Previous Agendas




Chair:  Dean of Graduate School

Supported by:  Graduate School Manager

Reports to:  Research Policy Committee

Interfaces with:  Postgraduate Taught Students Committee; School Research Committees;  School Graduate School Committees, Internationalisation Committee

  • Development and implementation of institutional policies to support postgraduate research provision within the University of Aberdeen, including increase of postgraduate research student numbers in line with the institutional Strategic Plan, improvement of completion rates and enhancement of both postgraduate research student and supervisor experience;  oversight of admissions processes
  • provide support for the institutional REF submission
  • Development of strategies for external promotion of doctoral studies at the University
  • Monitoring recruitment, retention and completion of postgraduate research students
  • Supporting doctoral training across related disciplines;  sharing of good practice in generic skills training, supervision and PGR student support
  • Supporting Schools in the review of PhD studentships
  • Contribute to PGR skills training
  • Horizon scanning for external studentship opportunities;  institutional strategy relating to Doctoral Training Centres (or equivalent)
Composition & Membership

Convener: Professor G Nixon
Clerk: Dr Lucy Leiper
Tel: (01224) 274580


Convener -

  • Dean of the Graduate School


  • Dean of Postgraduate Research (Convener)
  • PGR representative from each School (2 from Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition)
  • Postgraduate research student representative from each School (2 from Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition)

Attending Officers:

  • SRAS/Admissions representative
  • Registry representative
  • Marketing representative
  • Public Engagement with Research Unit representative
  • Researcher Development representative
  • DDIS (Library) representative
  • Student Services Representative
  • Academic Engagement Coordinator (Museums and Special Collections)

Current membership:

  • Professor Graeme Nixon 
  • Dr Kirsty Kiezebrink (SMMSN)
  • Dr Charles Bestwick (SMMSN)
  • Professor Chris Secombes (SBS)
  • Dr Margaret Jackson (Psychology)
  • Professor Tom O'Donaghue (Engineering)
  • Dr Matteo Spagnolo (Geosciences)
  • Professor Ekke Ulner (Natural & Computing Sciences)
  • Dr Jackson Armstrong (DHP)
  • Professor Chandana Alawattage (Business)
  • Dr Rachel Shanks (Education)
  • Professor Roy Partain (Law)
  • Dr Andrew Gordon (LLMVC)
  • Dr Andrew McKinnon (Social Sciences)

Attending Officers:

  • Emma Forster (SRAS)
  • Dr Barbara Gorgoni (Public Engagement)
  • Susan McCourt (DDIS, Library)
  • Marion Malcolm (Business Improvement)
  • Nick Edwards (Student Support)
  • Lisa Collinson (Museum and Special Collections)
  • Shelagh Barr (Marketing)
  • Robert Findlay (Academic Services, Registry)
  • Dr Lucy Leiper (PGR School Manager, Clerk)

PGR Student Representatives:

  • Shifa Sarica (SMMSN)
  • Vladislav Nikolov (SMMSN)
  • Marc Faber (SBS)
  • Vacant (Psychology)
  • Alaja Olamide (Engineering)
  • Andrew Mclaren (Geosciences)
  • Rosemary Thomas (NCS)
  • Vacant (Business)
  • Jason Chambers (DHP)
  • Aristea Kyriakou (Education)
  • Derek Stewart (LLMVC)
  • Hanna Duncan (Law)
  • Tamara Ranspot (Social Sciences)

Meeting Dates


  • 10 June 2019
  • 7 March 2019
  • 15 November 2018
  • 24 September 2018