We offer a package of attractive terms and conditions, optional benefits and special offers, including:

BUPA Medical Insurance

The University BUPA scheme allows you to access preferential rates for medical insurance. The scheme operates on a group risk basis and employees can join throughout the year with premiums deducted from your salary each month.


For quotes or specific queries, please email Eva.Borkowska@abdn.ac.uk. Please note, all queries or quote requests will be forwarded to BUPA and cannot be answered/provided by the University staff.


For more information on the scheme please see the membership guide and key policy summary.

Childcare Salary Sacrifice Schemes

The University offers two salary sacrifice schemes to help eligible employees with the cost of childcare. These are:

  • Childcare Vouchers Salary Sacrifice Scheme (currently under government review)
  • Nursery Fees Salary Sacrifice Scheme

Both schemes are based on salary sacrifice which enables employees to benefit from Tax and National Insurance savings on their childcare costs. Employees sacrifice part of their gross salary - reduced taxable pay lowers the amount they pay in Tax and National Insurance.  Eligibility for salary sacrifice depends on the level of income – salary sacrifice cannot reduce employee’s earnings below the minimum wage.  

With the Childcare Vouchers scheme employees nominate part of their monthly salary payment, in return for Childcare Voucher Credit, allowing you to take up to £55 per week (£243 per month) in Childcare Voucher credit. With Nursery Fees Scheme, the sacrificed salary is paid directly to the Rocking Horse nursery.



The Childcare Vouchers scheme can be used to pay for any approved or registered childcare, including childminders, nannies, nurseries, breakfast and afterschool clubs, play schemes and summer camps, as well as the care element of boarding schools.  The scheme is provided & administered by Edenred

The amount you  save  depends on how much tax and national insurance you pay. We advise that you use the Savings Calculator on the HMRC website to see exactly how much you can save.

In order to qualify for this scheme:

  • You must have a formal contract of employment with the University
  • You must be the parent, or have parental responsibility, for a child under 15 years of age (16 or under if child(ren) is registered disabled).
  • Your childcare provider must be registered or willing to register with Edenred.

The Edenred website contains detailed information on everything you need to know before joining the scheme.

Click here to register and enter the Scheme ID: UNIV2982

Please note, the government is currently reviewing this scheme and according to the latest announcement, this scheme will remain open to new employees only until October 2018. After that the scheme will close to new applicants and eligible employees can only register for the Tax Free Childcare scheme.

The Tax Free Childcare scheme is not based on salary sacrifice and there is no employer involvement as parents are responsible for confirming their eligibility and setting up their online account. Further information can be found on the government website. (link)



New and existing employees of Aberdeen University can benefit from saving on the cost of fees at the university nursery if they are eligible to join the University Salary Sacrifice Scheme.

This scheme works on the same basis as the Childcare Vouchers - the employees give up part of their pay in return for a non-cash benefit - reduced taxable pay lowers the amount they pay in tax and National Insurance. The salary deduction is paid directly by the university to the nursery provider. Please note, the nursery fees scheme only applies to the Rocking Horse nursery and employees using other nurseries are not eligible for the scheme.

Further information about the nursery can be found here.


To register, please contact:

Eva Borkowska - HR Partner (Reward & Policy)

Itohan Aivboraye - HR Adviser

Useful Links

Rocking Horse Nursery

On 31 August 2015, the Rocking Horse Nursery moved in to a new purpose-built energy efficient building.  It is located on the University's Old Aberdeen campus. Nursery fees for the Rocking Horse Nursery can be salary sacrificed. The Rocking Horse Nursery is an independent nursery registered with the Scottish Care Inspectorate. It was setup in 1989 under the terms of a Trust to provide nursery facilities primarily for the students and staff of the University of Aberdeen. The Trust is a non-profit making body and the Nursery is self-supporting. There are places for 78 children at any one time.  For further information, please visit the Nursery website.

Employee Advantages

Employee Advantages offers exclusive, significant discounts from the UK's most popular retailers and service providers. You can save at least £565.00 a year using Employee Advantages, without changing your normal shopping habits.

No need to set up an account - we've done this for you - simply login with your University e-mail address (joe.bloggs@abdn.ac.uk) and the password 'Aberdeen'. Remember to use a capital 'A'!

**If you are a new employee, please allow up to a month for your details to be registered with the benefits provider before accessing the site.**

In order to authenticate your login details, Employee Advantages will send an email to you requesting you to change your password. When you change your password your login will be validated and you will be able to access the site.

Employee Advantages Helpline: 0845 600 6479

Grampian Credit Union

GCRThe University is in partnership with Grampian Credit Union, which is an independent savings and loans co-operative. The Credit Union is available to people living and working in Aberdeen and the Grampian area, and provides affordable and ethical financial services.

Our partnership with Grampian Credit Union means that all members of University of Aberdeen staff now have the opportunity to join and access the range of financial services and products it offers.  Regular savings and loan payments to the Credit Union can be made through deductions taken directly from your salary each month.

Services include:

  • Adult, Junior and Christmas savings accounts – saving from £10.00 per month or more
  • Loans for members, with affordable interest rates – first loans £200 to £5,000
  • Current Accounts with full banking service – can arrange Direct Debit and Standing Order payments
  • Access accounts on-line or by phone – withdrawals direct to your bank
  • Membership application and payroll deduction forms available to print from website
  • Deposits covered fully by Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Grampian Credit Union is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.  Firm reference number 213701


To find out more about Grampian Credit Union, go to the homepage at web:

http://www.grampiancreditunion.co.uk/ or check Grampian Credit Union information leaflet

224-226 Holburn Street
Tel: +44(0)1224 576990
Email admin@grampiancreditunion.co.uk


For more information on Car/van hire, bike to work salary sacrifice scheme and many more visit the Travel page.

You will need to login to read more information about Travel

Tuition Fees - for Staff

Staff under contract of employment with the University wishing to undertake studies at the University may be entitled to full or partial payment of their tuition fees from their Department or Section. This is conditional on meeting certain criteria and obtaining permission from the Head of College. The Staff Tuition Fees Policy sets out the full details and conditions of this.

Staff wishing to request assistance with their tuition fees can complete and submit a Staff Tuition Fees application form, once they have consulted the policy and secured the relevant School and College level approvals.