The University is committed to seeking to avoid staff redundancies.

The procedure that will be followed to underpin the principles and processes for carrying collective and individual consultation regarding the avoidance of redundancy is outlined in the document below

Support Mechanisms

Redeployment Vacancies Webpage
Members of staff who are at risk of redundancy will have redeployment opportunities made available to them through the Internal Vacancies webpage. Redeployment vacancies are clearly marked as such and tagged appropriately so you can search for redeployment vacancies.

The University's new recruitment webpage launched in January 2016. Register an account to apply for vacancies.

Please contact Redeployment for further information.
CSP Scotland Self-Marketing Workshop

CSP Scotland runs self-marketing workshops which redeployees are invited to attend. The workshops include information relating to CV and interview skills. The feedback received from people who have attended has been very positive. Full details of the workshop agenda are provided below:

A One Day Self-Marketing Workshop Programme

Welcome and Objectives: The Self-Audit
  • The Product - You: what is on offer?
  • Career/Personal History
  • Work Experience
  • Skills
  • Personal Attributes
Your CV: Your Marketing Tool
  • The Market Place
  • How to negotiate the job market
  • The 5 routes into work
  • Personal branding
  • Marketing Strategy
The Interview
  • Preparation
  • Types of interview
Closing the Job Search
  • How to evaluate the offers
  • How to negotiate the employment package
  • On-going Support
If you wish to book a place please contact Redeployment.
Training Budget

This is currently on hold, should this become available again you will be notified.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am on a project/activity limited contract what support mechanisms are available to me?
  • 12 months prior to project/activity completion date you and your line manager will receive an email notification reminder this is an opportunity to explore opportunities for continued employment at the University but this does not form part of any formal consultation process.

  • Within 6 months of the project/activity coming to an end you will be invited to a consultation meeting with your Head of School/Section and HR Redeployment Adviser and engage in exploring opportunities for continued employment at the University.

  • A date will be established for a follow up meeting with your Head of School/Section and HR Redeployment Adviser. Should nothing further be confirmed for continued employment at this point then the steps involved with the redundancy policy will be explained.

  • Should a formal notice of redundancy be issued, attempts to find continued employment through the established redeployment routes shall continue until your last day of service. 

Can I bring someone with me to a consultation meeting?
Yes you can bring a colleague or trade union representative if you wish.
Can I apply for jobs on the University’s external job page as well as the Redeployment vacancies webpage?
Yes there is an option to flag yourself as a redeployee if you apply for a post on the University’s external webpage however it is advisable to apply for posts on the redeployment site as this is only accessible by those who are considered to be at risk of redundancy.
Will I be entitled to a redundancy payment?
If you are unsuccessful in securing continued employment following the redeployment process, you will normally be entitled to statutory redundancy pay (if you've been working at the University for 2 years or more).

Use this calculator to find out how much statutory redundancy you will be entitled to receive.

Will my IT access remain available?
If you are unsuccessful in securing continued employment following the redeployment process, you will receive a call from Human Resources two weeks prior to your end date reminding you to transfer all important data to your line manager ahead of departing, because access to your staff IT account will not be granted after you leave.
How can I access the Redeployment Vacancies webpage?

Please follow this link - and log in to the Redeployment Vacancies portal using your usual username and password.

Please contact Redeployment for any technical difficulties accessing the portal.