The Payroll Office pays all employees, both permanent and temporary, and is responsible for applying (at source) all relevant deductions from pay, including the statutory deductions of PAYE Tax and National Insurance, as well Pension contributions, Salary Sacrifice Schemes, trade union subscriptions for Unite and UNISON, accident insurance, etc.

Enquiries about individual tax payments can be made to the Payroll Office:

We are Living Wage EmployerReal Living Wage

The University of Aberdeen is an accredited living wage employer, meaning we pay the voluntary living wage to all our employees over 18 years of age.

More information on the living wage can be found at the website for the Living Wage Foundation.

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) Information
Equal Pay Report

The University has been publishing its Equal Pay Reports since 2010. Below are the reports conducted to date:

Payroll Giving

At the University of Aberdeen we operate a Payroll Giving Scheme. This allows the employee to contribute to favoured charities and good causes on a regular basis whilst saving tax.

About Charities Trust

Charities Trust is a national payroll giving and corporate donation management agency approved by the HMRC. Charities Trust is a non-profit making organisation and a charity in its own right.

What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving enables you to donate directly from your pay to any charity or recognised good cause registered within the UK. Any donation will be deducted from your wages before you are assessed for tax.

How does it work?

The employee will ask the University of Aberdeen to deduct regular donations from their pay. We will make the deduction before tax – in other words, after calculation of National Insurance contributions but before deduction of Pay As You Earn tax. The tax relief you get depends on the rate of tax you pay.  To donate £1, you pay:

  • 80p if you're a basic rate taxpayer
  • 60p if you're a higher rate taxpayer
  • 55p if you're an additional rate taxpayer

The tax relief you get is different if you live in Scotland.  To donate £1, you pay:

  • 81p if you're a starter rate taxpayer
  • 80p if you're a basic rate taxpayer
  • 79p if you're an intermediate rate taxpayer
  • 59p if you're a higher rate taxpayer
  • 54p if youre a top rate taxpayer

How to Start Giving

This form can be partially completed online but must be printed out, signed and then passed to the Payroll Office. The Payroll Office will commence deductions and forward your paperwork to the Charities Trust. This will allow them to allocate the monies received to the charities indicated.

This form can also be used to amend existing payroll giving instructions. It would be helpful if you would write AMENDMENT at the top of the form if you are just changing your deductions and have previously been giving.

Adjustments to the amount you want to donate in total must go to the Payroll Office.

Changes to the charity selections should be sent to Charities Trust at:

Charities Trust
Suite 20-22
Century Building
Brunswick Business Park
Tower Street
L3 4BJ

Telephone 0151 286 5129

Did you know that, as a member of staff, you can contribute towards future sucesses within the University using payroll giving?

To find out more about giving to the University visit the Development Trust website here.

Salary Scales

Please find below links to the salary scales used within the University:

If you require further information, please contact your HR Adviser.

Scottish Rate Income Tax (SRIT)

The Scottish Parliament has the power to set an annual rate of Income Tax for Scottish taxpayers which will be effective from April 2016. This is known as the Scottish rate of Income Tax (SRIT):

Submission Deadline Dates

Payroll deadline dates for the submission of data including overtime claims, payment requests for temporary staff, changes of bank accounts, etc.


Support staff (Grade 1 – 4) are eligible to receive overtime payments if they are required to undertake hours that exceed their contracted hours. Part-time staff who undertake additional hours receive their normal rate of pay until they reach 36.5 hours in a single week. Overtime hours undertaken in excess of 36.5 hours in a single week are payable at an enhanced rate.

  • Overtime undertaken Monday - Saturday is payable at time and a half (1.5x normal rate of pay).
  • Overtime undertaken on a Sunday is payable at double time (2x normal rate of pay).

Public holidays: If it is agreed that you work a public holiday you will be entitled to receive an overtime payment (double time) along with a day in lieu. You may elect to be paid at standard rate for this time worked and take 2 days in lieu as an alternative. Any requirement to work on a public holiday will be agreed in advance with your line manager. Staff who are required to work on a closed day will receive a day in lieu.

Academic and Academic – Related staff (Grades 5+) are entitled to a day in lieu if they are required to work on a public holiday or closed day.


When will I be paid?

Payment is made on the last banking day of the month.

How do I view my payslip?

You can view your payslips, P60 and Personal Details in MyHR.

How can I change my bank details?  

You can amend your bank details in MyHR

Alternatively you can telephone your Payroll contact, their detals are shown on your payslip.

How do I claim for overtime?

Staff up to Grade 4 should complete an overtime claim form which should be approved by the budget holder and then forwarded to the Payroll Office, adhering to the submission deadline dates.

How do I get my Payroll documents?

Payslips and P60s are held in MyHR From there you can print off or save an electronic copy

How do I join a Salary Sacrifice Scheme?

Savings from salary sacrifice schemes vary, depending on your personal circumstances. It’s important to investigate what a salary sacrifice will mean for you personally before entering into a salary sacrifice agreement. You should examine your salary, tax band and the potential impact on current and future benefits.

The University operates the following Salary Sacrifice Schemes. .


Enquiries about individual tax payments can be made to the Payroll Office:

If you wish to telephone, please direct your enquiry to your Payroll Officer as identified on your payslip and noted below:

Name Role Phone Staff Category
Wendy Craig Payroll and Pensions Manager

+44 (0)1224 273812

+44 (0)1224 274199


Sarah McKenzie

Deputy Payroll Manager

+44 (0) 1224 27-2129

Clinical Staff

Heather Munro

Payroll Officer

+44 (0) 1224 27-2127

Grades 8-9 

May-Edith Jamieson

Payroll Officer

+44 (0) 1224 27-2122

Grades 5-7

Linda Paterson

Payroll Officer

+44 (0) 1224 27-2128

Grades 1-4

Christine Boag Payroll Officer +44 (0) 1224 27-3700 Grades 1-4
    ext 2129 Temporary Services