Whatever stage you are at with your career planning, from fresher to final year and beyond, you are welcome to interact with our professional Careers team. There are various ways in which you can do this:


15 Minute Appointment

These appointments are the ideal starting point if you have not spoken to a Careers Adviser before. They are particularly helpful for:

  • getting feedback on your CV/ application forms
  • obtaining advice on work experience
  • discussing job-seeking strategies

Please note that we will give advice about the content of your applications, but we do not offer a proof reading service. Please check your work thoroughly before submitting for feedback. Please also bring a print copy of your application with you.

Duty Adviser appointments last a maximum of 15 minutes. This rule is strictly adhered to. If you arrive more than 5 minutes late you will be asked to make another appointment. If your query can not be answered in 15 minutes, please make a 30 minute appointment.

A Duty Adviser is available Monday to Friday in the Careers Service open plan area on the second floor of the Students' Union. Appointments are released for booking 24 hours in advance. This means you can book an appointment for the current or next day.

15 minute appointments are booked online using CareerConnect. If you are a prospective student or a student or graduate of another university please call (01224) 273601 to arrange an appointment.

Appointments with a Careers Adviser for your degree subject

These appointments can be used for a range of activities:

  • discussing your career options
  • exploring specific career ideas
  • identifying courses of action to realise your goals
  • discussing how to prepare for interviews or assessment centres

Please note that you are not allowed to book one of these appointments for the current day.

How to book an appointment 

  • If you are a University of Aberdeen undergraduate or taught postgraduate, please book online using CareerConnect.
  • If you are a University of Aberdeen research postgraduate please call us on (01224) 273601.
  • If you are a University of Aberdeen graduate, please book online using CareerConnect.
  • If you are a member of staff at the University of Aberdeen, please book online using CareerConnect.
  • If you are a thinking of applying to study at the University of Aberdeen or are a student or graduate of another university, please call us on (01224) 273601.

Practice interview (1 hour)

To book an appointment please call us on 01224 273601 or ask at our Reception Desk in the Careers ServicePlease note that you will not be allowed to book one of these appointments for the current day.


Submit a query online to our Virtual Adviser

This confidential email enquiry service is only available to students and graduates of the University of Aberdeen, who are not currently studying at another university. We aim to respond to your enquiry within 3 working days. Please keep in mind that Advisers have only 15 minutes to deal with each query. 

Please submit only one query at a time. Take time to work through our feedback. This should help you in shaping your future applications and career ideas.

Once you have checked out our online information, you can use this service for additional advice and information on:

  • career options and career plannining
  • searching for vacancies
  • further study and funding
  • making applications, including feedback on CVs, covering letters, application forms and personal statements

Please submit only one document for feedback at a time, ie a CV, or a covering letter, or no more than three answers from an application form. A job description or other supporting documentation can be helpful, however.
We will be happy to provide you with feedback on the content, layout and impact of your applications. We will not correct spelling and grammatical errors for you. Ask friends and family to help with this if you are struggling.

How to submit a Virtual Adviser query

  • Login to CareerConnect
  • Click on "Virtual Adviser Queries" from the menu bar
  • Click on "Ask us a question"