Flexible working

Flexible working

The term 'flexible working' describes any working arrangement where the number of hours worked or the times that work is undertaken vary from standard practice. The University of Aberdeen is committed to engaging in constructive dialogue with members of staff wishing to explore the possibility of flexible working practices to:

  • Help them achieve a better balance between home and work responsibilities
  • Help them stay at work when circumstances might have prevented them doing so

To request a flexible working arrangement, please complete the Flexible Working Request Form and pass to your Line Manager.

Flexible Working Arrangements

The flexible working arrangements currently supported by the University are detailed below:

The 9 Day Fortnight Scheme
The 9 Day Fortnight has been launched in Professional Services from August 2016. The toolkit for this scheme is available below:
Part time working
Where you work less than the normal full time number of hours per week.
Part year working
Where you work only for part of the year, but your salary is calculated on a pro-rata basis and paid for the whole year.
Job sharing
Where 2 or more people share the same responsibilities of a full time post.
Flexible working hours
Where you choose, within limits, the times you start and finish work.
Career breaks
Where you undertake an extended period of unpaid leave from work.
Where you work from home on an occasional, regular or permanent basis.  More guidance on this can be found here.

For further information, please refer to the Flexible Working Procedures:

Guidance for Employees

The following document has been created to provide employees with guidance about make flexible working requests at the University:

Guidance for Managers

If you are responsible for staff members you are encouraged to read the following document as it explains how you should consider flexible working requests: