Dr Sam Newington

Dr Sam Newington
MA (King's College, University of London), PhD (St John's College, University of Durham).

Teaching Fellow


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work +44 (0)1224 273056
The University of Aberdeen School of Divinity, History and Philosophy, KCS14 King's College, University of Aberdeen, Old Aberdeen, AB24 3FX.
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Programme Co-ordinator for Christian and Religious Studies Flexible Programme: http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sdhp/divinity-religious-studies/christian-and-religious-studies-flexible-programme-430.php



I am the resident Classicist here at Aberdeen and this is my 5th fantastic year here!

In terms of education: I studied Classics at King's College (University London) where I read for my MA. In 2006, I graduated from Durham University with a PhD, although my journey in Classics started at St Mary's - and I am truly grateful for that initial inspiration.


Research Interests

Although my teaching centres on Greek and Roman language, culture and history, my research area includes Near Eastern Studies. I am currently researching cross-cultural influences between the Near East and Greece.

I am able to supervise undergraduate and postgraduate students looking to research within the following areas:

  • Greek literature (in particular epic, lyric and drama)
  • Ancient Greek religion, in particular, mystery religions
  • Near Eastern, Greek and Biblical creation narratives

Current Research

Current research includes a volume on Hesiod: A comparative approach and a volume on Jewish Apocalyptic Literature.


I have collaborated with Dr Sian Lewis (St Andrews Unviersity) on two workshops: Sacred Animals and Monsters in Greek and the Near Eastern Religions (22nd-23rd January 2014) and Animals, Monsters and Demons: a Comparative Approach (22nd-23rd January 2015). We are now working towards an edited volume publication drawn from both events.

Research Grants

Most recently, in 2013, I secured a grant from the Carnegie Trust which facilitated a forthcoming book publication.



Teaching Responsibilities

I am the course co-ordinator for a number of undergraduate and postgraduate modules (unless otherwise stated below):

Level 1 and Level 2

  • DR1039: New Testament Greek I
  • DR1072: Religions of the World I
  • DR1538: New Testament Greek I
  • DR2572: Ancient Mystery Religions
  • HC1021: The Building Blocks of European Culture (contributor)
  • HC1501: Key Works for European Civilisation
  • HC2001: The History and Culture of Ancient Greece
  • HC2501: Ancient Rome
  • LT1007: Latin I
  • LT1507: Latin II
  • LT2009: Latin III
  • LT2507: Latin IV
  • LW1004:Literature in the Classical World (contributor)

Level 3

  • HI3003: The Classical Heritage (contributor)
  • HI3004: The Glory that was Greece (contributor)
  • HI3304: The Grandeur that was Rome (contributor)
  • DR301P / DR351P: Special Subject

Level 4

  • HI4516: Dissertation
  • DR4046/DR4543: Senior Honours - Special Subject


  • DR503H: Postgraduate Greek 1
  • DR552H: Postgraduate Greek 2
  • DR503G: Postgraduate Greek 3
  • DR553G: Postgraduate Greek 4
  • HI501A: Latin for Postgraduates (contributor)
  • HI511D: Latin for Postgraduates (contributor)

PhD Supervision

Current second supervisor for the following PhD topics:

  • Orpheus and immortality
  • Siblings in ancient Greek and biblical narratives
  • Role of Women in Ancient Religion
  • Ancient Greek attitudes towards death


Further Info

External Responsibilities

Outside of my role here at Aberdeen, I am an examiner for The Open University. I also have links to Durham University and University of St Andrews.

Admin Responsibilities

I have a number of administration roles:

  • Advisor of Studies
  • Personal Tutor
  • Programme Co-ordinator for Christian and Religious Studies 
  • Programme Co-ordinator for Postgraduate Certificate in Ancient Greek

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