Horizon 2020 & EU Research Funding

Horizon 2020 & EU Research Funding

(The page was last updated on 25 July 2022)

Should I continue with my EU funded projects?

Any staff holding EU grants should continue with their projects as normal. UK Participation in existing projects and grants secured throughout Horizon 2020 are eligible for full reimbursement. 

Will there be any disruption to the payment of EU project awards?

As both the UK Transition Period and the Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) for 2013-2020 ended on the 31st December 2020, the UK has been given the assurance of the European Commission that there will be no disruption to payments from awards made from the Horizon 2020 & other MFF programmes.  This includes any awards where deadlines fell in 2021.  If there are practical reasons for costs to be transferred to other partners during the life of the project, this can be accommodated by the financial regulations of the Grant Agreement.

How will existing EU projects be affected by potential currency fluctuations?

Colleagues in the Research Finance Office will cost applications at a slightly better exchange rate in order to mitigate the negative effects of rate fluctuations. This is not an easy job as rates have fluctuated quite significantly in recent years and it is difficult to predict what will happen +/-.  We always err on the pessimistic side to try and reduce the chance of overspend but still maximise what the PI has to spend.  With all foreign currency grants (not just those costed in Euros) we review when we are updating the finances to reflect any currency fluctuations since the last review and take that into account to try and reduce the chance of any overspends on a foreign currency grant.

Is the UK able to participate in Horizon Europe?

The UK government is seeking ‘Associated Country’ status within the Horizon Europe programme (including Marie Curie and ERC but excluding the European Innovation Council) subject to ratification of the overall Treaty, negotiations for which are ongoing. The advice from our National Contact Points is to pursue applications to Horizon Europe in the meantime, on the assumption that the UK’s association to the programme will be complete by the time of the first Grant Agreement offers. The only part of the Horizon Europe programme that the UK will not associate to will be the European Innovation Council’s (EIC) Equity Fund. 

Staff members who are successful at receiving Horizon Europe funds can access the UKRI guarantee fund in case there is a delay in signature of the Trade and Co-operation Agreement which formalises the UK’s associated status. Horizon Europe Guarantee Guidance 18 July 22.pdf (ukri.org)

Is the UK eligible for other European funds outside of Horizon Europe?

In addition to Horizon Europe, the UK is also negotiating to be granted access to four other EU funding programmes open to Third-Country participation: the EURATOM Research and Training Programme; ITER (the fusion test facility); Copernicus Programme (the earth monitoring system); and EU Space Surveillance and Tracking services.

However, the UK will no longer participate in the ERASMUS programme, which was replaced in part by the UK Turing Scheme from September 2021.  In addition, we will no longer contribute to the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and will not be able to access funds from the INTERREG programmes as a result.

Further Information

We will update these pages once more information becomes available.

Please contact your EU BDO for further information and support if you are planning to apply to any EU sources of funding.