Extenuating Circumstances

Extenuating Circumstances

Students that have a resit(s) due to extenuating circumstances need to apply for resit(s) even though technically speaking it is a first attempt.

Any student that is re-sitting outside the first prescribed diet needs to apply. Provided the previous result is recorded as an MC (Medical Certificate) or GC (Good Cause) or SC (Self Certificate) on the Student Record System, the resit fee of £30 per course code will not be charged. All students must apply by the published resit application deadlines.

All applications submitted after the deadline will be charged a one-off late fee of £30.

How to Apply to Resit

Students are instructed to use the resit application form which can be found on the Infohub website.

Before the resit application deadline applications can be made by:

After the resit application deadline applications can be submitted:

  • Via the Online Store
  • Handing in the form at the Infohub (along with late fee payment)
Request to Sit Exams Off Campus

Permission to hold outwith Aberdeen examinations which are published in the University's examinations timetable is only granted in exceptional circumstances. This does not include personal inconvenience or expense.

Students who make requests for examinations to be held outwith Aberdeen must apply in writing to the Deputy Academic Registrar (Learning and Teaching) in the Registry, who will refer requests to the Vice-Principal (Learning and Teaching) for a decision, where appropriate.

All requests must be submitted to exams@abdn.ac.uk by the end of the relevant teaching term or in the case of the summer resit diet by the Resit Application Deadline.

Examinations Held Outwith the Formal Diets

Information coming soon.