Advance HE (formerly Higher Education Academy, HEA) application materials

The University of Aberdeen offers two routes for its staff to become professionally recognised by Advance HE (formerly Higher Education Academy, HEA); a taught route and an individual recognition route. If you wish to apply via the taught route, please find further details here.  If you wish to apply via the individual recognition route, the following information is available to help you.

1.  Which category of recognition is right for me? If you don't know where to start with your application, the Centre for Academic Development runs a short (one hour) rolling monthly information session to get you started. This is available by logging into the Institutional course booking system with your University log in details.  Before attending you may wish to consider to use this simple flow diagram to ascertain whether you have sufficient experience and evidence accumulated to apply for Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellowship of Advance HE.


2.  Having selected your category, your application is made up of two parts:

a)  An Account of Professional Practice (APP).  The exact nature of this will depend on the category under which you choose to apply (Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellow). Select the relevant one from the list below:

b)  Supporting references.  These should be provided by staff who know your teaching and can comment on it knowledgeably.  This might therefore involve your peers rather than your Head of School/other senior person.  Two references are required to support applications for Associate and Fellowship.  Three references are required to support Senior Fellowship.  References should be submitted using the templates found below.  Whilst it is no longer a requirement, it is very helpful if at least one referee holds Advance HE recognition themselves. Guidance on structuring these references, along with a template for your referees to use, can be found below:

3.  Writing your application. The following set of guidance notes has been written in order to help you complete your application for Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of Advance HE: Associate and Fellow guidance 2018.  Additionally, if you want to get started but find that you are distracted by email, phones etc., the Centre for Academic Development runs a series of day-long writing 'retreats'; protected space and time to help you concentrate, with advice on hand should you need it. These are available by logging into the Institutional course booking system with your University log in details.

4.  Submission deadlines for assessment panels.  All applications submitted via the individual recognition route are assessed by a panel of trained assessors.  Assessment panels are held three times per calendar year, with applications submitted six weeks prior to the panel meetings.

The next assessment panel will take place in February 2019. The submission deadline for applications is 18 January 2019

5. Holding your data: our duties under GDPR.  The University of Aberdeen is mindful we have a legal obligation to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 ("GDPR").  Our position with regard to GDPR is set out here.