Higher Education Academy (HEA) application materials

For staff who wish to apply for professional recognition by the Higher Education Academy via the University's CPD Framework, the following documentation is available to help you.

Making an informed decision: which category of recognition is right for me? Use this simple flow diagram to ascertain whether you have sufficient experience and evidence accumulated to apply for Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellowship of the HEA.


All applications for professional recognition via the University's CPD Framework require you to complete:

1. An Account of Professional Practice (APP).  The exact nature of this will depend on the category under which you choose to apply (Associate, Fellow or Senior Fellow). Select one from the list below:

2. A Professional Values Statement (PVS).  All applicants are required to complete a PVS, irrespective of the category of recognition they select. There is no template for this but a short guidance document to help you write this is provided.

3. Two references.  These should be provided by staff who know your teaching and can comment on it.  At least one referee should hold HEA recognition themselves. Guidance on structuring these references can be found on the HEA website.

The following is a more fulsome set of guidance notes on completing your application for Associate Fellowship or Fellowship of the HEA: Associate and Fellow guidance 2018.

4. Dates of Forthcoming Assessment Panels.

HEA Fellowship applications submitted by University of Aberdeen staff will be assessed on Higher Education Academy Panels.

The dates for the next two Panels are:


  • Tuesday 20th February 2018, with an accompanying deadline for submissions of 5pm on Friday 12th January 2018.
  • Thursday 21st June 2018, with an accompanying deadline for submissions of 5pm on Friday 11th May 2018.

If you don't know where to start with your application, CAD runs a short (one hour) rolling monthly information session to get you started. Similarly if you want to get started but find that you are distracted by email, phones etc. CAD also run a series of day-long writing 'retreats'; protected space and time to help you concentrate, with advice on hand should you need it. Both are available via the University’s course booking system, accessed via StaffNet (under ‘Quick Links’).