Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching & Learning

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching & Learning

Who is the Programme for? 

The Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education Teaching & Learning Programme is now offered online and is available across the University of Aberdeen and Qatar campuses only, for staff currently employed in a significant role in higher education teaching or learning, or who have teaching-based leadership responsibilities. Normally, staff should have at least two years’ experience before they undertake the Programme. Participants need to be actively engaged in delivering academic courses or supporting learning to be able to undertake the Programme assessments, which involve reflective practice and observations of professional teaching practice. The Programme is designed to enable inclusive and engaging continuing professional development, with integrated Advance HE recognition for staff who teach and support learning.


The Programme is delivered online by the Centre for Academic Development (CAD) through the School of Education. It comprises two, 30-credit courses across an academic year. The first course, ED505T: Approaches to Teaching, Learning, and Assessment in Higher Education is normally delivered in the first term (September-December). The second course, ED555T: Values, Knowledge, and Activities is taught in the second term (January-April). Both courses are assessed in a variety of ways, which provides participants with the opportunity to reflect on and develop different aspects of their higher education teaching or supporting learning. A pre-requisite for participants to undertake the Programme is that they must actively be engaged in designing and delivering teaching, or the management of teaching.


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Further Details

Following the launch of the new Professional Standards Framework (PSF) 2023, the University has achieved accreditation for the PGCert in Higher Education Teaching and Learning from Advance HE. The next iteration for the PGCert programme is planned from September 2024.F 2023, and the comprehensive application process required, the next iteration for the PGCert programme is planned for 2024.

Staff interested in undertaking the PGCert programme or who require further programme details should contact the Programme Director Dr Darren Comber at the Centre for Academic Development. Email:, tel: +44(0)1224 27 3030.