Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the Programme delivered?
The Programme is delivered online via a flipped classroom approach. This involves participants engaging with a video recording, research paper, or other material before the mandatory ‘live’ sessions. This delivery approach enables participants to prepare for an active online learning experience.

2. What does the Programme involve?
The Programme is designed to provide participants with further opportunities to reflect on and develop different aspects of their higher education teaching practice. Normally, participants complete a PG Certificate Programme over two academic years. To maximise their utility, all courses are built on a model of situated learning, hence a pre-requisite for participants to take part in a programme is that they must actively be engaged in a range of academic teaching and / or learning support situations in higher education, and have been so for a minimum of two years.

3. Is there a fee to pay?

The Programme is part of the University's provision for staff CPD (Continuing Professional Development) and, therefore, does not incur a fee for university staff based across its three campuses (Foresterhill, King’s College and Qatar). However, if you apply to re-submit a piece of coursework or assessment, this will incur a fee unless there are mitigating circumstances. Further details are available here.

There is no charge for the award of Advance HE fellowship to participants who successfully complete the accredited PGCert programme, if they are employed by an Advance HE member institution (e.g. University of Aberdeen), as the institutional membership fee covers this cost.