Responsible for:

  • Contributing to the development and approval of policy and strategy regarding non-academic aspects of the student experience (other than those under the specific remit of other University committees), ensuring that adequate regard is given to the student experience.
  • Reviewing progress against plans relevant to the non-academic student experience.
  • Receiving reports from the Students’ Association, and reports relevant to the student experience from the Directorates of Academic and Student Affairs, People, and Estates and Facilities, and any other bodies as appropriate.
  • To ensure compliance with the Code of Practice laid down by the University in accordance with the provisions of the 1994 Education Act.
  • To advise UCTL, Senate and Court on such matters as may be remitted to it by those bodies.
Composition & Membership

Convener: Mrs J Shirreffs
Clerk: Karen Scaife
Tel: 01224 272612



  • Lay Member of Court


  • Rector
  • Vice-Principal (Education)
  • University Secretary/ Director of Operations 
  • Dean for Student Support
  • Director of Estates and Facilities (or nominee)
  • Director of People (or nominee)
  • Director of Student and Academic Services (or nominee)
  • Director of Digital and Information Services (or nominee)
  • University Librarian (or nominee)
  • Head of Student Experience
  • Head of Student Support
  • President of the Students’ Association plus two sabbatical officers

In attendance:

  • Chief Executive Officer, Students' Association
  • Student Engagement Manager
  • All other student sabbatical officers

Quorum: 50% of formal membership (including Ex Officiis)

Membership for 2020/21

  • Mrs J Shirreffs (Convener)
  • Ms M Chapman, Rector
  • Professor R Taylor, VP Education
  • Ms J Tuckwell, DHead of Residential Services
  • Ms D Dyker, Director of Operations
  • Dr R Bernard, Acting Director of Student and Academic Services
  • Mr B Henderson, Director of Digital and Information Services
  • Mr S Bains, Head of Library Services 
  • Mr D Stuart, Head of Student Experience
  • Mr Nick Edwards, Acting Deputy Director of People and Head of Student Support
  • Ms C Wallback, AUSA President
  • Mr O Kucerak, VP for Education
  • Mx L Henrard, VP for Welfare

In attendance:

  • Ms Margaret Paterson, Chief Executive Officer, AUSA
  • Ms K Scaife, Student Engagement Manager
  • All other sabbatical officers


  • Mrs K Scaife, Student Engagement Manager, Directorate of People

Student Experience Committee Minutes

It should be noted that minutes will be unconfirmed and are liable to be amended at the following meeting. Whilst it wishes to make minutes as widely available as possible, the University is concerned not to inhibit discussion at its committees, and therefore occasionally minutes may have sections removed for reasons of confidentiality. In these instances, a note will be inserted indicating that the minute has been edited on the grounds of confidentiality.

Meeting Dates