The Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee is responsible for the strategic direction of all Equality, Diversity and Inclusion activities supporting the Aberdeen 2040 strategy.

The Committee will champion equality, diversity and inclusion for staff and students and will promote an Inclusive culture.


  1. To oversee and be accountable for the University’s Strategy on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion for staff and students;
  2. To progress the advancement of equality, diversity and inclusion across the University;
  3. To review and develop appropriate policies and procedures related to diversity and inclusion;
  4. To ensure that all of the legally protected characteristics (as well as mental health and widening participation) are considered;
  5. To ensure that legal and regulatory requirements in relation to diversity and inclusion are met;
  6. To oversee the University’s progress in the implementation of the Athena SWAN Charter and other equality charter marks where appropriate;
  7. To engage with internal and external equality groups to ensure the views of all groups are recognised;
  8. To develop and be mindful of an approach which recognises intersectionality.
Composition and Membership



Karl Leydecker Senior Vice-Principal (Chair)
Janine Chalmers University Equality and Diversity Adviser (Clerk)
Ruth Taylor Vice-Principal Education
Marion Campbell Vice-Principal Research
Tracey Slaven University Secretary and Chief Operating Officer
Debbie Dyker Director of People
Jenny Fernandes Director of External Relations
Jennifer Philips     Head of Communications
Abbe Brown Dean of Student Support
Alisa Koester AUSA Student President
Ivana Drdakova AUSA Vice President for Welfare
Azhar Tarbhai UG Student representative 
Laura Ong PGT Student representative

Ian Robotham

David Hutchison

Mark Paterson

Clemence O’Connor

Nic Stokes 

Ritu Vij

Marion Malcolm

Chairs of Equality Networks

Siladitya Bhattacharya Head of the School of Medicine, Medical Sciences and Nutrition

Ana Ivanovic

Liz Curtis
School Equality Lead representation

Rhiannon Thompson

Maria Grazia Cascio

Athena SWAN Officers

Laura Benvie

Alysia Reid

Ruth Slater

Owen Cox

Campus Trades Union representation

Nick Edwards Acting Deputy Director of People and Head of Student Support
Tracey White Head of Human Resources
Marylee Anderson Student Support Representative and Chaplain to the University
Garry Fisher Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing
Ali Lumsden Co-opted Member
Agendas and minutes