The University Sacrist is Graeme Mutch, based at King's College. 

What is the role of a Sacrist within the University of Aberdeen? 

  • The daily role of a Sacrist is to supervise and manage the Portering and logistics staff. This includes liaising with the team to organise and plan arrangements required for lectures, examinations, presentations, and events across the University - including Graduation ceremonies!
  • Every year, the Sacrist officiates weddings in the Chapel. The Sacrist ensures that the formalities run smoothly on the day, often providing a calming influence for the happy couple and their families. 

The History of the Sacrist:

  • The office of the Sacrist dates to the founding of the University in 1495. 
  • The title 'Sacrist' is a diminutive of 'Sacristan' who was the Officer of the Church in charge of the sacristy which was the room where the sacred utensils, vestments and other movable were kept. The modern word in Scotland for the sacristy is the vestry. 
  • Sacrists in those days looked after the fabric of the Church and contents, rang the bell and dug graves. Although the practice of digging grames has ceased, the other duties remain to this day. 
  • We now see the mace replacing the sacramental utensils; the gowns and hoods replacing the vestments. 

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