IT Services is responsible for the installation of all PC classroom software. The software falls roughly into two categories:

  • Common Applications- provided by IT Services
  • Departmental Software - provided by departments

Software is not usually installed for individual use, nor at the request of undergraduate or taught postgraduate students.

It is the responsibility of staff submitting software to us for installation in the classrooms to ensure that it is appropriately licensed for its intended use. Within this environment, software should be licensed for concurrent use, either as a site license or as a limited number of (concurrent) licenses.

For queries and advice about software licensing, please contact the Service Desk,


Current software

The software available on classroom machines is presented on the Desktop in a College folder format with School sub-folders for ease of use. The Common Applications folder is a group of software provided and supported by IT Services.

For a listing of the software currently available for your College, click on the appropriate link below.

Proposed software

The local files on all the classroom systems are usually reloaded during the summer vacation to accommodate software upgrades and any new items of software required for the following academic year. This is a major undertaking and we ask staff to ensure that any changes they wish to make to their software portfolios are submitted to us before the end of June. Failing that, there can be no guarantee that the software will be available as required. Furthermore, it is essential that staff confirm that their applications running to their satisfaction well in advance of their requirement for them.

See details of proposed upgrades to IT classroom software for academic year 2019-20.

For further information regarding the installation of classroom software please contact the Service Desk,


Our PC classrooms provide access to a wide portfolio of software across campus for all staff and students.

The Classroom Environment

The classroom environment is based on Quad Core I5 specification PCs with 8Gb of RAM as standard, running Windows 10 LTSB. Much of our estate also has fast Solid State drives (SSDs), significantly improving login times and performance. This is a secure environment so many of the standard, configurable system options have been disabled, e.g. display resolution, control panel access, etc.

In general, staff and students cannot install software that attempts to modify the local files on the system. For temporary files, a scratch drive (drive S:\) is available and in some cases software can be installed there. The contents of S: are deleted when you log off or reboot. In addition, you can access your personal, home file space (drive H:\) and, where appropriate, access any team drives as configured in the login scripts.

All classroom PCs are powered off automatically in the evenings and powered back on at 08:00. This automatic power down can be delayed by the user if the PC is in use. Some rooms are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with out-of-hours access controlled by an entry system based on staff or student ID Cards.

Printing facilities are available in or near to all PC classrooms.

Disabled Provision

For full details of disabled provision in PC classrooms and Library study places, please see fact sheets

Classroom Code of Conduct

In brief

  • While full-class teaching is taking place (eg a lecture or demonstration), it is permissible for staff to exclude other students from the classroom, and to require that students do not use the classroom printer(s). Staff should indicate that access is not permitted to non class members by posting a notice on the door(s) to the room.
  • If full-class teaching is not taking place, then, once staff have ensured that all members of the class have the use of a computer, other students may be permitted to use any spare computers at the lecturer’s discretion.
  • When a computer classroom is not booked, the computers in the room are available for ad hoc use by registered users of University of Aberdeen computing facilities.
  • Displays located around the campus indicate when rooms are booked for teaching and when they are free.

See full Code of Conduct for the use of Computer Classrooms. Posters displaying the full Code of Conduct are posted in all computer classrooms.


Needing help? First see our Using Lecture Theatre PCs - FAQ. If you don't find the answer in our FAQ, please contact the Service Desk - - for help.

Booking for Teaching

For a full list of bookable teaching classrooms, see below.

The Registry is responsible for booking all centrally timetabled rooms on the Old Aberdeen and Medical School campus.

A timetable is placed on the door of each of the bookable rooms at the start of each week giving detail of bookings; you can also check our real-time display of where you can find freeseats in the classrooms. See our Free PCs app:

Bookable Computer Classrooms

Building Room Seats
Aberdeen Dental School 134 7
  119 (Break area) 5
Cruickshank 2:18 18
Edward Wright F81-83 50
  F84 24
  F86-87 22
  F95 12
  S81-83 40
  S84 30
Fraser Noble 111 20
  112 60
  113 12
  114 27
  115 8
  116 14
MacRobert 106 26
  107 19
  113 22
  117 50
Medical School Library CR1 (Room 303) 10
  CR2 (Lower floor) 20
Meston LT5 30
Polwarth CR3 (Mezzanine) 27
St Mary’s B28 32
Suttie Centre 001 50
  325 2
William Guild S26 26
Zoology Building G21 30
  G40 26

The Library: Bookable PC Classrooms are also available on Floor 2 of the University Library - classrooms 1, 2 and 3. When not being used for teaching purposes, the computers in these classrooms are open access and may be used for individual working. See the Library web pages for details.

Non-Teaching Booking

Booking PC Classrooms for Conferences, Training Courses, Summer Schools, etc

Computer classrooms

University computer classrooms can be booked for external training courses, conferences, etc, provided they are not required for University teaching. Availability within University term-time is very limited but during vacations, openings are usually available.

Charges are based on the size of the room as listed below. Classroom sizes vary from 8 to 50 - see Booking for Teaching for details. Not all are suitable for external events, but we can advise on suitability as well as availability.

Classroom booking charges
  Full day 09:00-17:00 Half day 09:00-13:00 or 13:00- 17:00
Commercial £28 x no. of PCs in room £15 x no. of PCs in room
HE or other educational £22 x no. of PCs in room £12 x no. of PCs in room
  • All charges quoted are exclusive of VAT which will be charged at the standard rate.

Charges include issue of guest or temporary accounts for use in the classroom booked - see below.

There will be a cancellation charge of 10% of the classroom booking charge, if cancellation is made less than one week before booking is due to start.

Software requirements

Software requirements should be discussed with IT Services before confirming a booking, to ensure availability and check licensing arrangements. This should be done at least 14 working days in advance of any booking, when we would also require the media to install any software. An additional charge of £180 will be made for the installation of additional software or data for use in the classroom.

Audio-Visual requirements and charges

For information about charges for additional AV equipment required for external seminars or conferences, together with charges for the hire of Technical support, please contact the Audio Visual Team.

Booking individual PCs in a Hall of Residence

For exclusive use of a computer room in a Hall or Residence, charges are as above.

If the whole room is not required, individual PCs in a Hall of Residence computer room may be booked in University vacations. Use of the non-booked PCs in the room remains available to other residents. Charges include issue of guest or external accounts - the number of accounts issued is limited to 20 x the number of booked PCs.

Charges for booking individual Hall of Residence PCs
  Charge per day
  1 PC 2 PCs Each additional PC
Commercial £38 £55 £28
HE or other educational £33 £38 £20

Guest and External accounts

Guest and External accounts are for use by visitors to the University, such as conference attendees, participants in short courses or summer schools, and organised groups staying in University Halls of Residence. They are also available to people visiting the University on business, working with an academic department or administrative section. They are not for use by casual visitors to the University or city.

For more information about these accounts, including current charges where applicable, see our IT Accounts page - under Additional Accounts - for more.


To enquire about the availability of a computer classroom, call IT Services on +44 (0)1224 273284.

Bookings for individual PCs in a Hall of Residence should be made by the Conference and Events Office or Hall Management through whom the Hall accommodation is being arranged.