All parents, parents-to-be and carers among our staff and students are very welcome to connect with other parents / carers via this network’s Facebook group or Teams, which is open to staff and students.  
Our meetings and Facebook page provide a confidential, supportive and informal setting where we can share our parenting stories, doubts and tips, ask about what is on offer for parents who work here, and discuss topics such as the impact of Covid for us to flexible working arrangements, self-care, returning to work and life/work boundaries, to name a few.

The PCN also aims to: 

  • help individuals to access resources such as the Parent’s Guidebook and the network’s own resources 
  • understand how University policy applies to them, or point them in the right direction to find answers to their questions 
  • feed back parents and carers’ views on policy. As one of the University’s Equality Networks, the Parents and Carers Network reports to EDIC (the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee). 
  • offer a mentoring service to staff around maternity / paternity leave, returning from leave, and general parenting / caring issues, which several of our members are trained to do. You are very welcome to join this scheme, whether as a mentor or mentee. 

For more information find us on Facebook  or look for ‘Parents and Carers Network’ on Teams.