Kings Quarter

Kings Quarter

The Kings Quarter is undergoing major improvements to revitalise the historic buildings whilst enhancing teaching. 

What is the purpose of this project? To deliver transformational teaching and learning spaces in Old Aberdeen, providing a modern, adaptable, interdisciplinary, high quality teaching environment suitable for multiple Schools to use in the delivery of both UG and PGT teaching. The Project will lead to enhanced teaching capacity to support objectives for growth, while revitalising historic buildings at the heart of King’s Campus. Specifically, this overarching aim will be delivered through the innovative modernisation of Cromwell Tower, the Book Stack, and the Old Senate Wing.

How long will the project take?The project is scheduled for completion in August 2025.

How much is it costing? The project value is approximately £28mil.

What companies are part of this project? We have a few teams that are part of the Kings Quarter Project:

  • Turner and Townsend (External PM and Cost Consultants)
  • Reiach and Hall (Architect)
  • RSP (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • Fairhurst (Civil & Structural)

Is there any disruption expected? King’s College and its surroundings will be impacted by the works. Construction noise, visual disruption and increased vehicular traffic to neighbouring areas is to be expected. External enabling works are scheduled from 1st to 21st April 2023 and the main construction works are scheduled from June 2023 to August 2025.

What is the latest update? An invitation to tender for the works was issued on 6th January 2023. On tender return, an assurance review will be undertaken prior to review by the University governance and works commencing in Summer 2023.