Gender Equality

Gender Equality

The University is committed to advancing gender equality, as set out within the Inclusive strand of Aberdeen 2040 and within our commitment to the Advance HE Athena Swan Charter.

Within the Inclusive strand of Aberdeen 2040, the University has committed: 

  • To securing the highest standards of equality, diversity and inclusion, achieving accreditation across multiple strands and characteristics and 
  • To eliminating pay gaps across all protected characteristics.

Athena Swan

The University has been a member of the Advance HE Athena Swan Charter since 2011 and achieved its first Bronze Athena Swan Institutional award in 2012. The latest Bronze renewal was achieved in 2021 and included development of our five-year Gender Equality Action Plan. The University is committed to silver-level Athena Swan submission by 2026.

The Gender Equality Action Plan and other initiatives, including commitment to gender equality in research, support us to dismantle stereotypes and challenge barriers where they exist.

The UK Athena Swan Charter was updated in 2021 to ensure it continues to meet the needs of the higher education and research sectors. The Athena Swan Charter aims to support greater inclusivity for people in all roles, of all gender identities, and those facing intersectional inequalities across the higher education sector. It empowers Higher Education Institutions to make active commitments in line with their gender equality goals, as well as recognise and reward gender equality work.