Collaborators - Project SEARCH

The project has entereted into collaborations with a number of organisations including:

  • Eden Scott - Recruitment Agency
    In April 2015, the project entered into a one-year partnership agreement with the Aberdeen office of the Eden Scott recruitment agency.  Interns have benefitted from coaching during their initial job search and the provision of interview training sessions.  Interns have also been introduced to Eden Scott clients throughout the North-East area and this has already resulted in an invitation to attend for interview being received.
  • Drake Music
    In May 2015, a successful collaborative event took place with Drake Music Scotland.  Drake Music Scotland is a leading arts organisation which provides music making opportunities for people with disabilities with a view to transforming lives through the power of music.  This event provided an excellent teambuilding opportunity for the new Interns and highlighted the value music can bring to those with additional needs.  Due to the success of this initiative, discussions are ongoing with Drake Music to explore opportunities to work with them again in future.