Learning & Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Aberdeen

At the beginning of each half-session, normally in September and January, staff from the Centre for Academic Development, in collaboration with key individuals from across the University, run the university-wide two-day Learning and Teaching in Higher Education at the University of Aberdeen course for new academic staff.

Topics covered include:

  • Curriculum design
  • Learning outcomes and assessment
  • Lecturing
  • Small Group Teaching
  • eLearning
  • Further support for your teaching at the University
  • Accessibility and equal opportunities
  • The University of Aberdeen’s Graduate Attributes & Achieve

This course is compulsory for new probationary lecturing staff and is strongly recommended for Teaching Fellows. It is also useful for any staff member new to Aberdeen or for those who may have been here for some time but whose role might have changed to include a teaching component. It is also The Centre collaborates with HR and your School Administrative Officers to obtain lists of new staff and therefore you should receive an email invitation to this course after you have started at the University. If you would like more details, please contact the Centre (cad@abdn.ac.uk, ext. 3030).

Please note: that the course takes into account a range of prior skills and experience, and is directed at staff new to teaching at Aberdeen, not necessarily those new to teaching itself.

For details of the next two-day course please contact cad@abdn.ac.uk

New Probationary Lecturing Staff

All new probationary lecturing staff at the University of Aberdeen are required to participate in the two day course outlined above.

Beyond this, the University encourages staff to pursue further professional teaching development activities. The Centre for Academic Development offers workshops and events, as do academic Schools & disciplines relating to learning and teaching. In addition, the Centre for Academic Development in collaboration with School of Education offers two Postgraduate Certificate programmes: PG  Cert in Higher Education Learning & Teaching and PG Cert Academic Practice.

New Lecturers are also welcome to contact Dr Darren Comber, Senior Educational Development Adviser (cad@abdn.ac.uk or ext. 3030) for a one-to-one focussed discussion on how they might continue their professional development in learning and teaching.

There is a Learning & Teaching Network, which was established in February 2011 to enable further discussions, collaboration and CPD opportunities for academic staff across the University.

New Demonstrators and Tutors

Colleges run induction and orientation sessions for all new demonstrators and tutors and should be contacted directly for any information. Tutor development in the College of Arts & Social Sciences is run on a School basis; both the College of Physical Sciences and Life Sciences & Medicine run their own sessions for Demonstrators.

Demonstrators and Tutors who have completed their initial teaching development sessions and who then wish to further their professional development might consider participating in the University’s accredited Principles of Learning and Teaching in Higher Education.