Immigration and Tier 4

Immigration and Tier 4

Please use the tabs below to access specific information on immigration and Student/Tier 4 Visas.

Visa Requirements

The UK Government has a specific department responsible for visas and immigration, known as the Home Office or UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) which has responsibility for the regulations that enable students to come to the UK for study. The University is a licensed sponsor of and has strict duties placed on it when dealing with international students.

The University is directly responsible for any individual coming to the University who seeks a Student visa (previously Tier 4) as we will actively sponsor them during their studies. We also have a wider duty to ensure all our students have the right to study in the UK.

If we don't comply with our responsibilities as a Student/Tier 4 Sponsor, we could ultimately lose our Sponsor Licence and our ability to recruit and retain international students.

The Immigration Rules change frequently and those that apply to our student population are monitored by the members of the Immigration Compliance Team.

For more information on student immigration matters, please contact the Student Immigration Compliance Team or their webpage.

Student Engagement and Monitoring

Student/Tier 4 Visa Engagement 

The Student Immigration Compliance Team have produced guidance on monitoring engagement and attendance of Student/ Tier 4 visa holders, at all levels of study, in Schools. The current version of this guidance is Version 5 (August 2019). 

Attendance Monitoring 2021/2022 Academic Year

The Home Office Covid Concessions currently allow Student/Tier 4 visa holders to study via blended or distance learning.

Students may study via distance-learning if they have not yet arrived in the UK, provided the student will arrive in the UK by the 30th June 2022.  These students must be monitored remotely.

Students may study via blended learning after arrival in the UK.   Students must engage in face-to-face learning and monitoring should record these contacts.  Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students are to attend face-to-face learning at least once per 10 working days.  Postgraduate Research students are to engage in face-to-face learning at least once per month.

These students must be monitored in-person.

Students who wish to change to distance learning after arrival in the UK may do so, but the University is required to withdraw visa sponsorship.  The only exception is for off-campus study on robust academic grounds (see following section)

To assist in the management of School responsibilities with their Student/Tier 4 visa holders, the following forms have been created for use by Schools:

If you have any questions regarding our Student/Tier 4 visa holders, or any immigration related matter, please contact the Student Immigration Compliance Team.  

More information regarding the general monitoring process can be found on the Monitoring pages of StaffNet.

Information for Students

Information for Student/Tier 4 visa holders

The Student Immigration Compliance and International Student Adviser website contains information that will be of use to our Student/Tier 4 and International student populations.

This webpage contains information on Right to Study Checks to help International students complete Registration.  This webpage also contains details of the key responsibilities Student/Tier 4 visa holders have during study.