The Centre for Academic Development supports staff and students from across the University in teaching, learning, research and professional development.

The Centre also:

  • Works in partnership with individual lecturers or groups of staff tackling complex issues in teaching, learning and assessment
  • Facilitates routes to accreditation by the Higher Education Academy
  • Supports Academic Development through a range of workshops and events.
  • Supports staff in the use of eLearning
  • Supports students in developing effective learning strategies

For general enquiries, please contact the centre at or +44 (0)1224 27 3030.

Centre Administration
Personal page Job title Email Ext
Lynn McKenzie Centre Coordinator 2406

Margo Rocha

Administrative Assistant

Patricia Spence Centre Manager 3924
Educational Development
Personal page Job title Email Ext
Dr Darren Comber Senior Educational Development Adviser 3672

Educational Development Adviser


Dr Joy Perkins

Educational and Employability Development Adviser


Student Learning Service
Personal page Job title Email Ext
Wendy Lawrenson Academic Skills Adviser (Science) (0.6 FTE) 2373

Dr Mary Pryor

Senior Academic Skills Adviser (0.5 FTE) (currently on secondment to DHP)


Dr David Rennie Academic Skills Adviser (Academic Writing)


Dr Julie Ross

Academic Skills Adviser (Dyslexia) (0.5 FTE) 


Dr Morgiane Richard Academic Skills Adviser (Maths) (0.5 FTE) 4175
Dr Chloe Alexander

Academic Skills Adviser (Academic Writing)  (0.5 FTE) 3190
eLearning and Online
Personal page Job title ail Ext
Ana Ciocarlan Graduate Trainee (Learning Technology) 3297
Isabella Fausti Graduate Trainee (eLearning) 4703
Abigail Harding Graduate Trainee (eLearning) 4705
Gavin Innes eLearning Adviser (Online) 4707
Peter Jeffels eLearning Adviser (0.6 FTE) 3766
Maija Koukkari Graduate Trainee (eLearning) 4706
Oana Matei eLearning Adviser (Learning Technology) 4702
Florin Nedelea Graduate Trainee (eLearning) 3948
Maria Nikoletatou eLearning Adviser (Learning Technology) 4701
Catherine Ogilvie eLearning Adviser (Online) 4708
Dr Sara Preston Senior eLearning Adviser 4371
Phil Whieldon eLearning Adviser 3508
Rhian Wood eLearning Adviser (0.8 FTE) 4254
Dr Andy Yule eLearning Adviser (0.8 FTE) 2834