Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneurs in Residence

If you would like to work more closely with the University to share your skills and experience as a future Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) while increasing your own experience and networks, please contact us

Funding is available through different routes, with flexible arrangements and open to all industry and creative sectors. 

One funding opportunity is through the Royal Society Entrepreneur in Residence (EiR) scheme, which closes on 13 September 2023. 

The scheme aims to increase the knowledge and awareness in UK universities of cutting-edge industrial science, research and innovation. It provides opportunities to spend one day a week at a university to:

  • expose university staff and students to state-of-the-art industrial research and development, and the scientific challenges faced by industry
  • provide support and expert advice aimed at promoting innovation and the translation of research by universities
  • grow confidence in and understanding of business, commercialisation and entrepreneurship among staff and students
  • provide career recognition to the award holders, and support their professional development

The scheme provides a contribution to the basic salary for the EiR and towards travel and project costs. 

The University is delighted to currently host three Entrepreneurs in Residence through the Royal Society scheme and are keen to host additional applicants.

Professor Peter Edwards, Vice-Principal Regional Engagement at the University of Aberdeen, said:

“The University is committed to making an effective contribution to our region’s economy, and it is through initiatives such as the EiR – encouraging commercialisation and entrepreneurship among our students and staff – that we aim to create new business opportunities and equip the students of today with the skills to become the entrepreneurs of the future.”

If you would like to discuss this scheme or other opportunities to work with the University as an EiR please get in touch: barbara.gorgoni@abdn.ac.uk