Fix Your Content

Fix Your Content

Pure uses data from internal and external systems; internal data is synchronised from HR, Student Records and Worktribe, external data is collected from sites like Scopus, Web or Science, PubMed and ORCID. Any incorrect or missing information from internal systems should be corrected in the source system, many synchronised fields are not editable in Pure.

The Pure Team are happy to receive information about incorrect and missing information, and will work with relevant teams to make sure the data is updated, you can also contact the appropriate team directly, more information on the teams involved can be found below.

Personal details (incorrect name, personal/job title)

Personal details entered in Pure comes from the HR systems and are synced every evening. Updates will be shown after 24 hours in Pure and note that some changes may overwrite the existing data in Pure. Other changes e.g. changes to employment information will create a new record in Pure. Data that is currently synchronised from HR cannot be amended in Pure. If any corrections are to be made then you should contact HR and specify the corrections required, you may be asked for additional documentation to confirm the changes.

Supervisor details (incorrect or missing student thesis, missing students, incorrect supervision periods or time split between supervisors)

Student data links with Pure through student records. This data is not editable in Pure and any changes to this should be made in the student records system which will then synchronise with Pure overnight.  Corrections for current students can be flagged to the Postgraduate office in your school, when contacting them please specify the exact changes needed. If recent corrections are not appearing in Pure please contact the Pure team so that we can investigate.

Funding data (incorrect funding amount, missing or wrong PI, wrong project split)

Funding applications, research grants and projects information sync from the Worktribe database. There are limited amendments that can be made to these records in Pure. If a researcher has been awarded internal funding or if funding has processed through the grants and contracts database, this can be recorded as a project in Pure. Corrections can be sent to the Research Finance Team, please specify the funder reference number or internal RG code where possible. Research studentships with associated consumables and externally funded stipends should be set up as a research grant.

Research Outputs (record made with wrong sub-type, incorrect output given)

You may come across outputs that have you listed as an author but is not you, a common source of error. This usually occurs when a user imports their publications from an external source (e.g., another institution) and does not check that all co-authors are recorded with the right affiliations. Thus, you will be listed instead of the true author, even if you have different names.

Contact the Pure Team with the output details and the changes required if problems such as the example above occur.

If you have research outputs with the wrong subtype, contact the Pure Team to give details of the output and the changes required.