University Management Group

University Management Group

University Management Group (UMG) operates in the manner of a forum.

Matters for discussion are agreed by an agenda-setting-group composed of:

  • The Senior Vice-Principal (on behalf of the Senior Management Team, SMT)
  • One Head of School
  • One Director
  • The President of Aberdeen University Students’ Association, AUSA.

Papers for Policy and Resources Committee / Court are made available to members of UMG for information and comment but not for formal approval.

While an agenda is issued and notes of the meeting are taken, these are for the information of members, and the Group does not formally report to any University committee, nor formally receive papers from any other committee.

UMG meets five or six times a year, with consideration being given to one meeting a year being an awayday.

Membership of UMG:

  • Principal
  • Senior Vice-Principal
  • All Vice-Principals
  • All Heads of School
  • Secretary to the University
  • All Deans
  • All Directors of Professional Services
  • President of AUSA

Membership of UMG Agenda-Setting Group for 2019-20:

  • Karl Leydecker, Senior Vice-Principal
  • Graeme Paton, Head of School
  • Gillian Mackintosh, Professional Services
  • Cecilia Wallback, AUSA President