• To act as the formal decision-making body of University management and to approve business for onward consideration by Court and the Operating Board, and where appropriate Senate
  • Oversight of development and monitoring of institutional strategic direction and academic planning across cross-colleges/schools and external collaborative developments
  • To receive and consider proposals for the prioritisation of recurrent capital, for subsequent monitoring by the Capital Programme Management Committee
  • To oversee property transactions
  • To ensure that all University initiatives are in line with the University‚Äôs strategic, regulatory and policy framework
  • To be the parent committee for all committees who do not otherwise report directly to Court, Senate or their respective sub-committees
  • To approve the establishment or abolition of all management committees (unless these are established or amended by Court, Senate or their respective formal committees).  To approve amendments to the remits or compositions of the same.
  • To have lead responsibility for Risk Management, monitoring the University Strategic Risk Register and the addition or removal of risks
  • To provide a forum for information sharing and dissemination of management decisions across the University
  • To note communications from SFC and other relevant regulatory/stakeholder bodies.

Convener:           Principal

Ex Officiis:           Senior Vice-Principal

                            All central Vice-Principals

                            All Heads of School

                            Secretary to the University

                            Director of Development

                            Director of Digital and Information Services

                            Director of Estates and Facilities

                            Director of External Relations (Vacancy)

                            Director of Finance

                            Director of Health, Wellbeing and Safety (Vacancy)

                            Director of Marketing and Student Recruitment

                            Director of Online Education and Academic Development

                            Director of People

                            Director of Planning

                            Director of Research and Innovation

                            Director of Student and Academic Services (Acting)

                            President of AUSA

In attendance:        University Officers to be invited to attend as and when required

Quorum:                50% of formal membership


7.       Membership

Convener:           Principal

Ex Officiis:           Professor K Leydecker

                            Professor M Campbell

                            Professor P McGeorge

      Professor A Speight

                            Professor R Wells

                            Dr M Bain

      Professor K Bender

                            Professor P Edwards

                            Professor P Fowler

      Dr G Gordon

                            Professor I Guz

                            Professor D Jolley

                            Professor G Paton

                            Professor A Sahraie

                            Dr DR Smith

                            Dr P Sweeney

                            Professor E Welch

                            Mrs C Inglis

                            Ms E Bowie

                            Mr B Henderson

                            Mr A Donaldson

                            Mr D Beattie

                            Ms K Blake/Ms E Forster (Job Share)

                            Dr G Mackintosh

                            Mrs D Dyker

                            Dr H Sveinsdottir

                            Dr E Rattray

                            Dr R Bernard

                            Mr L Ogubie