Student Support & Experience Committee (SSEC)

Student Support & Experience Committee (SSEC)
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To be responsible to the University Education Committee (UEC) for the development and implementation of strategy and policies to enhance students’ probability of success in all aspects of their student experience and address gaps which appear more likely for specific groups of students.

The SSEC shall:

  1. ensure that there are close and transparent links between all colleagues in the University involved in the delivery of support to students;
  2. lead and develop the delivery of appropriate support by academic staff through the existing undergraduate personal tutor system and support of a similar nature for PGT students, PGR students, fully online students, and students on the Qatar campus;
  3. lead, develop and champion an inclusive approach across all Educaion portfolio-related activities (including mobility);
  4. using relevant data, make recommendations to enhance the provision of support, with the aim of increasing student retention, student success, and student satisfaction;
  5. lead the development of approaches to enhance support for students with particular needs, including international students and those from widening participation backgrounds;
  6. evaluate and enhance institutional policies and practices across all aspects of the student experience (including Academic and Non-Academic conduct);
  7. respond to issues raised in National Student Survey, Aberdeen Student Survey and similar exercises;
  8. prepare and contribute to institutional external reports, including regarding external accreditation ensure that appropriate training is provided for all colleagues working with students to support them in the delivery of their roles and to make clear the parameters of their roles;
  9. establish short-term working groups and task and finish groups as appropriate.


Members’ Responsibilities:

Each member of the committee will contribute to discussions and feedback on these to their respective areas for comment and further input.

Composition & Membership

Chair: Abbe Brown / Nick Edwards
Clerk: Steven Kearney


Co-Chairs: Dean for Student Support
                  Head of Student Support


  • Head of Student Support
  • Head of Student Experience
  • Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing
  • Dean for Widening Access, Articulation and Outreach
  • Quality Enhancement Theme Lead
  • Representative of the Postgraduate Research School
  • Qatar Campus Director of Studies
  • One representative from each School to include the balanced  representation of personal tutors, PG leads, and SAMs.
  • AUSA Vice-President for Education
  •  AUSA Vice-President for Welfare
  • Three further representatives from the student body to ensure as diverse and active a contribution is made from the student voice.

In attendance:

  • Representative of the Online Team
  • Representative of the Centre for Academic Development (CAD)
  • Representative of the Registry
  • Representative of Student Support
  • Representative of Digital and Information Services Representative of Estates and Facilities
  • Representative of Planning
  • Students’ Association Staff Member

Quorum: 50%


Membership 2020/21




Dean for Student Support (Co-chair)

Abbe Brown

Head of Student Support: (Co-chair)

Nick Edwards

Head of Student Experience:

Duncan Stuart

Head of Health, Safety and Wellbeing

Garry Fisher

Dean for Widening Access, Articulation and Outreach:

Alison Jenkinson

Qatar Campus Director of Studies:

Lyn Batchelor

Quality Enhancement Theme Lead:

Steve Tucker

School Representatives:


Biological Sciences

Martin Barker


Jaye Carr/Fiona Ritchie

Divinity, History,  Philosophy and Art History

Heidi Mehrken


Katrina Foy


John Cavanagh


Charlotta Hillerdal

Language, Literature, Music & Visual Culture

Tim Baker


Erin Ferguson

Medicine, Medical Sciences & Nutrition

Wendy Lowe

Natural & Computing Sciences

Julie Timms


Heather Branigan

Social Science

Martin Mills

AUSA Vice-President for Education:

Ondrej Kucerak

AUSA Vice-President for Welfare:

Ivana Drdakova

Three further representative from the student body


  • Representative from the AUSA Equity Forum, Convenor of AUSA Education Committee
  • Bryony Garford
  • Oghenamega Erivona

In Attendance


Representative of the Online Team:

Grainne Ferrigan

Representative of the Centre for Academic Development (CAD):

Mary Pryor

Representative of the Postgraduate Research School:

Lucy Leiper

Representative of the Registry:

Carolyn Porter

Representative of Student Support:

Jemma Murdoch

Representative of Study Abroad Melanie Viney

Representative of Digital and Information Services

Russell Moffatt

Representative of Estates and Facilities

Jacqui Tuckwell

Representative of Planning:

Iain Grant

Students’ Association Staff Member:

Graeme Kirkpatrick


Lesley Muirhead