George Boyne is Principal and Vice-Chancellor of the University of Aberdeen. He is responsible to the University’s governing body (the University Court) for the strategic leadership and direction of the Institution. 

The Principal’s total remuneration including pension contribution, accommodation and  living allowance by the University is £296,000 per annum.

The Principal is required to reside in University-provided accommodation as the University regards this as essential for the fulfilment of his duties and pays rent of £1,000 per month for the part of the property used by Professor Boyne and his family. Following the removal of the customary tax exemption for the provision of accommodation by HM Revenue & Customs, Professor Boyne is now taxed on the reported benefit in kind for accommodation of £16,000, the living allowance was introduced to cover this additional tax charge.

The Principal’s salary and conditions of service are independently determined by the University’s Remuneration Committee. He is not a member of this committee.