Purpose & Remit


While SMT has been meeting since August 2018, from August 2019 it formally assumed the responsibilities of the University Management Group (UMG).

The Senior Management Team ensures the effective leadership, co-ordination and management of the University’s activities.  In particular, it acts as the formal executive decision-making body of the University and ensures that all University initiatives are considered, approved, implemented and monitored in line with (i) the University’s strategic, regulatory and policy framework and (ii) recognised best practice guidelines. It is fundamental in the dissemination of information to internal and external stakeholders and in supporting monitoring of the performance of Schools and Professional Services in line with the University’s strategic vision as approved by the University Court.


  • To ensure the implementation of activities to deliver the Aberdeen 2040 strategy and Commitments and approve business for onward consideration by Court, the Policy and Resources Committee including, where appropriate, Senate and other sub-committees of Court.
  • To oversee the development, implementation and monitoring of planning activities across (i) Schools, Professional Services Directorates and (ii) external collaborative activities in line with the institutional strategic direction approved by the University Court
  • To monitor and ensure the delivery of agreed institutional financial plans, targets and budgets as approved by the University Court.
  • To have lead responsibility at an executive level for the University’s Risk Management processes, including monitoring and reviewing the institutional Strategic Risk Register and ensuring mitigating actions are taken.  
  • To support the development, implementation and monitoring of the University’s academic performance (education and research), making recommendations for continuing enhancement and improvements as required.
  • To ensure the effective oversight and monitoring of management committee activities (i.e. committees which are not sub-committees of Court or Senate), including (i) approving their establishment/abolition, (ii) approving amendments to their remits and/or compositions and (iii) receiving reports.
  • To have responsibility for formal oversight of City and Regional Engagement and formally receive reports from the Regional Engagement Group.
  • To consider proposals for the prioritisation of capital expenditure and oversee property transactions.
  • To ensure a proactive approach to horizon scanning, both within and beyond the HE sector, and to respond effectively to policies set by the SFC and other relevant regulatory/stakeholder bodies.
  • To provide a forum for information sharing amongst the team.
Composition & Membership

Composition and Quorum 


  • Principal


  • Principal’s Office

Ex officiis:             

  • Senior Vice-Principal
  • All Vice-Principals
  • Secretary to the University and Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of External Relations
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of People
  • Executive Director of Advancement

In attendance:       

  • University Officers to be invited to attend as and when required.


  • 50% of formal membership (including Chair)

Membership 2020-21


G Boyne

Ex Officiis: K Leydecker
  M Campbell
  A Speight
  R Taylor
  R Wells
  T Slaven
  J Fernandes
  D Beattie
  D Dyker
  R Donelson

Reporting Line and Interface with Other Committees

A management committee whose business may proceed to committees of Senate and Court.

Frequency and Timing of Meetings

SMT will normally meet on a weekly basis. Additional meetings may be called at the Principal’s discretion if urgent business arises outwith the normal cycle.

Publication of Papers

Cognisance will be taken of the University’s Publication Scheme.

Date Establishment/revision of remit of Committee approved/recorded by SMT

Assumption of remit from UMG, 1 August 2019.


Meeting Minutes