Senate Effectiveness Review - 2019

Senate Effectiveness Review - 2019


To review the effectiveness of the Senate and to bring forward proposals, for consideration by the Senate, in regard to the following:

(i) How to further enhance the effectiveness of Senate;

(ii) The role and effectiveness of Senate’s sub-committees;

(iii) The role of the Senate Business Committee and, particularly, its role in shaping the Senate agenda;

(iv) The role of Senate Assessors and the effectiveness of this linkage between the Senate and the Court;

(v) The role of Student Members of the Senate and the effectiveness of their role in representing their constituencies;

(vi) The role of elected Senate members and the effectiveness of their role in representing their constituencies;

(vii) Ways to enhance the effectiveness of communication to and from the Senate with the wider University Community;

(viii) The timing and frequency of meetings;

(ix) Any amendments required to the Senate Standing Orders which may arise from the outcome of recommendations from the Effectiveness Review.


  • Chair – Senior Vice-Principal
  • Two Heads of School
  • Six elected Senators
  • One Convener and one member from the subcommittees of Senate
  • Member of Professional Services staff
  • Two student representatives appointed by AUSA,
  • External facilitator (to lead the focus group discussions with stakeholders and help facilitate the Review Group)
  • Clerk


  • Karl Leydecker (Chair)
  • Graeme Paton – Head of School of Biological Sciences
  • Paula Sweeney - Head of School of Divinity, History & Philosophy
  • Donna Maccallum – Elected member (Medical Sciences)
  • Helen Martin - Elected member (Education)
  • Rachel Shanks - Elected member (Education)
  • David Anderson – Elected member (Social Sciences)
  • Iain McEwan – Elected member (Medical Sciences)
  • Scott Styles - Elected member (Law)
  • Marion Campbell – Senate subcommittee chair
  • Graeme Nixon – Senate subcommittee member
  • Gillian Mackintosh – Member of Professional Services (Director of Academic Services and Online Education)
  • Alexander Acheampong – Welfare Officer, AUSA
  • Dariya Koleva – Education Officer, AUSA
  • External Facilitator
  • Rachael Bernard - Clerk