Senate Effectiveness Review 2019


To review the effectiveness of the Senate and to bring forward proposals, for consideration by the Senate, in regard to the following:

(i) How to further enhance the effectiveness of Senate;

(ii) The role and effectiveness of Senate’s sub-committees;

(iii) The role of the Senate Business Committee and, particularly, its role in shaping the Senate agenda;

(iv) The role of Senate Assessors and the effectiveness of this linkage between the Senate and the Court;

(v) The role of Student Members of the Senate and the effectiveness of their role in representing their constituencies;

(vi) The role of elected Senate members and the effectiveness of their role in representing their constituencies;

(vii) Ways to enhance the effectiveness of communication to and from the Senate with the wider University Community;

(viii) The timing and frequency of meetings;

(ix) Any amendments required to the Senate Standing Orders which may arise from the outcome of recommendations from the Effectiveness Review.


Chair – Senior Vice-Principal

Two Heads of School

Six elected Senators

One Convener and one member from the subcommittees of Senate

Member of Professional Services staff

Two student representatives appointed by AUSA,

External facilitator (to lead the focus group discussions with stakeholders and help facilitate the Review Group)



Karl Leydecker (Chair)

Graeme Paton – Head of School of Biological Sciences

Paula Sweeney - Head of School of Divinity, History & Philosophy

Donna Maccallum – Elected member (Medical Sciences)

Helen Martin - Elected member (Education)

Rachel Shanks - Elected member (Education)

David Anderson – Elected member (Social Sciences)

Iain McEwan – Elected member (Medical Sciences)

Scott Styles - Elected member (Law)

Marion Campbell – Senate subcommittee chair

Graeme Nixon – Senate subcommittee member

Gillian Mackintosh – Member of Professional Services (Director of Academic Services and Online Education)

Alexander Acheampong – Welfare Officer, AUSA

Dariya Koleva – Education Officer, AUSA

External Facilitator

Rachael Bernard - Clerk