The University's Health and Safety Committee is a committee of the Operating Board. The remit of the Committee is:

  1. To advise the Operating Board on matters relating to general health and safety policy
  2. To recommend to the Operating Board actions necessary to implement University health and safety policies
  3. To monitor the extent of compliance with University health and safety policies and to recommend to the Operating Board actions necessary to address areas of non-compliance
  4. To maintain standing sub-committees to consider health and safety matters relating to use of ionising and non-ionising radiations and work with genetically modified organisms
  5. To provide a forum for consultation and discussion of health and safety matters
  6. To promote a culture of consciousness of health and safety and of continuing improvement in those areas
  7. To report at least three times each year to the Operating Board

Membership of the Committee

  • Secretary to the University (Convener)
  • Appointed by the Operating Board, Professor P Fowler
  • Appointed by the Operating Board, Professor C Secombes

Appointed by Colleges

  • Arts and Social Sciences, Dr S Pugh
  • Arts and Social Sciences, Vacancy
  • Life Sciences and Medicine, Ms S Blaney
  • Life Sciences and Medicine, Dr C Harrington
  • Physical Sciences, Dr R Ebel
  • Physical Sciences, Mr E Stephen

Appointed by Trade Unions

  • PROSPECT, Mrs S Hay
  • UNITE THE UNION, Mrs J Walker
  • UNITE THE UNION, Mrs A Innes
  • UCU, Dr E Compatangelo
  • UNISON, Mrs E Robertson

Ex Officio

  • Director of Estates, Mr A Donaldson
  • Students' Association Vice President (Sport)
  • Students' Association Vice President (Welfare)
  • Students' Association President
  • Students' Association CEO, Ms M Paterson

In Attendance

  • University Safety Adviser, Mr G Cresswell
  • Estates Health and Safety Manager, Mr D Malcolm
  • Assistant University Safety Adviser (Clerk), Mr A Petrie
  • Assistant Estates Director, Mr R Philp
  • Fire Safety Adviser, Mr S Napier
  • Human Resources, Mr A Anagboso
  • Campus Services, Ms J Tuckwell
  • IT Services, Mr K Smith
  • Library, Special Collections and Museums, Mr N Curtis
  • Applied Medicine and Chair of IMS Safety Committee, Dr Gordon Waiter

It should be noted that minutes will be published after they have been approved at the following meeting and are therefore not liable to be amended. Whilst the University endeavours to make minutes as widely available as possible, we do not wish to inhibit discussion at committee meetings, and therefore occasionally minutes may have sections removed for reasons of confidentiality. In these instances, a note will be inserted indicating that the minute has been edited on the grounds of confidentiality.

We regret that minutes prior to November 2012 are not currently available online. If you wish to see minutes prior to November 2012 then please contact the Central Safety Team in the first instance.

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